Welcome to Rochester Avionic Archives - a large collection of avionic hardware items together with an archive of films, documents, videos, brochures and newspapers.

The collection exceeds 1000 pieces of equipment from HUDs to Air Data Computers and also has a substantial archive of Brochures, Company Newspapers, Films, Videos and photographs. The oldest avionic item is a Spitfire Reflector Sight but the majority of the items are of post war origin. The emphasis is on equipment made or relevant to the Rochester site and the work of Elliott Bros, Marconi and BAE Systems although there are some items which have gained a place purely because of their interest value. Find out more about the Rochester Avionic Archives >>

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Latest Addition to our Collection

This is an electro-hydraulic actuator. The actuator's linear output is via its threaded shaft and its opposite end is anchored by a (tapered) pin. The actuator's 770mm & 180mm armoured cables are included in its weight but excluded from its size....