Lapel Badges various

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0694
Category: Corporate/Business
Object Type: Medal/Badge
Object Name: Lapel Badges various
Part No:
Serial No:
Manufacturer: Unknown
Division: Unknown
Year of Manufacture:
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Weight (g):
Location: Archive Object Store

These Badges with the different Company names span the years from 1978 to 1987 as the name changed from Marconi Avionics, GEC Avionics, and lastly GEC-Marconi. These badges appeared as a marketing item for Air Shows and events such as Company Open Days.

Clockwise from the top the Badges are:
● 1982 SBAC Show at Farnborough, Marconi Avionics;
● 25 Years of HUD Production in Airborne Display Division, GEC Avionics. This was obviously a best guess because the Company name links the event to about 1984 which in turn puts the first HUD made by ADD in 1959. This is possible as the HUD for the Buccaneer was developed by that time but the work was done by Rank Cintel which was not absorbed into Elliotts until 1964 and ADD did not exist then either!
● This is the "Gunsight" logo used by GEC Avionics 1984-85;
● Similar to the 1982 SBAC badge but without the Farnborough legend;
● Marconi Avionics Instrument Systems Division badge 1978 -1984 timescale probably linked to the SCADC Air Data programme;
● Phoenix Tooling was a supplier to Marconi Avionics of precision machined items such as chassis - 1978-84;
● The 1992 Farnborough International badge from GEC-Marconi;
● Marconi Avionics Cats Eyes Night Vision Goggles;
● The rectangular badge in the centre commemorates the 100th C-17 heavy lift aircraft for which the Company supplied twin Head Up Displays;
● A large GEC Avionics badge showing the silhouettes of many types of aircraft for which equipment was supplied - 1984-85.

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