Autothrottle Computer Amplifier

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0202
Category: Engine Control
Object Type: Signal/Data Processor
Object Name: Autothrottle Computer Amplifier
Part No: 5048-A-1
Serial No: 001/66
Manufacturer: Elliott Bros
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): BAC 1-11 
Year of Manufacture: 1966
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Weight (g):
Location: Archive Object Store

Autothrottle Computer Amplifier
Type No. 5048-A-1
Ref No.
Ser No. 001/66
[Mod Status] A
Flight Test Only


The Autothrottle system operates the pilot’s throttle levers to control thrust according to Indicated Airspeed or Mach Number. Self monitoring techniques and multiple channel redundancy are used to give automatic failure survival in approach and cruise flight. This unit is typical of a family of computers fitted to the BAC 1-11. Each is built to a common configuration with circuit modules arranged in stacks either side of the chassis. The stacks are connected by plugs to a mother board and are physically separated into ‘command’ and ‘monitor’ functions to preclude common failures. The computers are entirely solid state and there is a high degree of built-in-test. This unit has Serial Number 001 and was made in 1966. At the time the Autothrottle Computer Amplifier was made in the Transport Aircraft Controls Division of Elliott Bros. The complete system offered included a served Airspeed Indicator, an Amplifier and a Computer in a 3/8 ATR short box, an Actuator and a Controller.

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