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EAP Actuator Drive Unit (ADU)

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0258
Category: Flight Control
Object Type: Signal/Data Processor
Object Name: EAP Actuator Drive Unit (ADU)
Part No: 2-846.10-00-00-00-000
Serial No: 002
Manufacturer: Bodenseewerk/GEC Avionics
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): EAP 
Year of Manufacture: 1987
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Weight (g):
Location: Main Object Store

Vers. Nr. Actuator Drive Unit
Bodenseewerk Ger├Ątetechnik GmbH
Code: D0078
TKz. 2-846.10-00-00-00-000
Spec. Nr. SP-B-27-B-203
Werk Nr. 002
Datum 01.87
Mod. A


This item is an ADU Actuator Drive Unit which has a removable Power Supply hence the combined name. It was made for the Experimental Aircraft Programme (a development aircraft in the Typhoon programme) in around 1982. It was designed by Nick Belcher and manufactured for EAP by Bodenseewerk Geratetechnik GmbH. This unit was a remote actuator drive for the rear surfaces of EAP Serial data input outputs to L/R Inboard flaperons, L/R Outboard flaperon and rudder.

There were four units on the aircraft and they had to operate in a very extreme environment in an ambient of 95┬░C mounted under the airbrake and over the jet pipe.

The Actuator Drive Unit contains a Power Supply Unit manufactured by GEC Avionics Ltd:
Type No 7502-00028
Serial No 007"

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