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F-16C/D HUD Optical Module

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0306
Category: Head-Up Display [HUD]
Object Type: Module/Sub-Assembly/Component
Object Name: F-16C/D HUD Optical Module
Part No: 2501-00043
Serial No: DC0108
Manufacturer: Pilkington PE
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): F-16A/B Fighting Falcon  F-16C/D Fighting Falcon 
Year of Manufacture: Unknown
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Weight (g):
Location: Archive Object Store

Part No. K0656SOCN 2501-00043
Serial No. DC0108
Mfr Code K6111
Mfr Part No. 031530
Contract No. F33657-82-C-2038


This is the Pilot’s Display Unit Optical Module which was manufactured by Pilkington (now Qioptic). The Combiner Glass is missing.

The F-16C (single seat) and F-16D (two seat) variants entered production in 1984. The first C/D version was the Block 25 with improved cockpit avionics and radar which added all-weather capability with Beyond Visual Range (BVR) AIM-7 and AIM-120 air-air missiles. Block 30/32, 40/42, and 50/52 were later C/D versions. The LANTIRN Diffractive optics HUD was designed for the new aircraft but development was delayed by the complexity of the manufacturing problems. As an interim the Company offered a wide angle conventional optic design.

The initial order was placed in 1984 and was valued at nearly $50million (then about £30million) to cover both development and production. Over 2300 HUD’s were delivered for the F-16 and the system has been the basis of equipment supplied for other programmes such as for the A-7D/K and F-5 adding another 1500 units to the family. In 1985 the F-16 C/D design won the Queen’s Award for Technology Improvements to aircraft Head Up Display systems for the Company.

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