Hand Controller for Map Display

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1358
Category: Navigation/Inertial
Object Type: Control/Data Entry
Object Name: Hand Controller for Map Display
Part No: 25-006-06
Serial No: 7002-89
Manufacturer: Marconi Electronic Systems
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): Jaguar 
Year of Manufacture: 1989
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Weight (g):
Location: R&S Display Cabinet

Hand Controller
Type No. 25-006-06
Ref. No. 6JA/6511301
Ser. No. 7002-89
Code No. K0656


This Projected Map system predates the modern digital systems and uses 35mm film as the data store. The film is stored on spools mounted in a moveable carriage. A tungsten halogen lamp provides the light source to project the map image via an optical system on to a ground glass screen. A fresnel lens covering the screen gives even illumination and intensifies the image in the pilot’s field of view. The film strip is driven between the two spools at a rate proportional to the Easterly ground speed while the carriage holding the spools is driven in a perpendicular direction proportional to the Northerly ground speed. The map can be presented as North or Track oriented. The screen can be rotated and has a track arrow. The aircraft’s present position, track and track to the next waypoint can be presented. A film can cover an area of about 750 by 750 nautical miles with a Scale change for 1:250 000 or 1: 500 000. The PMD was used in the Jaguar Navigation and Weapon Aiming Sub-System NAVWASS This system comprised the MCS920M central digital computer, E3R inertial platform, projected map display and horizontal situation indicator together with the necessary power supply, electronic, interface and control units. The Marconi Avionics system was replaced with TIALD from 1995.
This is the Hand Controller for the Map Display. It allows the map to be steered and functions selected. The Hand Controller is located on the front port side of the cockpit and worked with the left hand. Manufacturer not marked but K0656 is the code for Rochester (Marconi Electronic Systems in 1989).

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