Aircaft Integrated Monitoring System (AIMS), ESD3520

Technical Information

Catalogue No: D0402
Document Type: Brochures
Topic: Camera/Recorder
Title: Aircaft Integrated Monitoring System (AIMS), ESD3520
Company: GEC-Marconi
Division: Electronic Systems
Publisher: GEC-Marconi, Electronic Systems Division
Date: 1996
Issue: ESD/064.08.96
Pages: 4
Copies: 2
Location: Main Object Store
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GEC-Marconi Radar and Defence Systems - Electronic Systems Division (GMRDS-ESD) has three decades of experience in the design and manufacture of flight data acquisition systems. This experience covers many aspects of flight data acquisition including the recording of mandatory civil accident data, structural data gathering and the monitoring and processing of engine data on civil and military aircraft.
The Aircraft Integrated Monitoring System (AIMS) is a natural progression from the above ‘stand-alone’ providing a compact, flexible and comprehensive equipment having a powerful real time data processing capability.

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