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Height Calibrator

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0652
Category: Air Data
Object Type: Test Equipment
Object Name: Height Calibrator
Part No: CAL/10A/451/10
Serial No: 62605
Manufacturer: RW Munro
Division: Unknown
Year of Manufacture: circa 1960
Dimensions: Width (mm): 185
Height (mm): 205
Depth (mm): 205
Weight (g): 2,203
Location: Rack RAA07 [Main Store]

Height Calibrator
No. 62605
Range feet 0 - 70,000
Counter reads 0 - 200
Do not exceed counter readings
IG 373138
IG 396547


R W Munro was making aircraft altimeters as early as 1913 to the design of Clift. The Munro instrument later used a Farnborough design using two single capsules, later modifying it to a single capsule.
These instruments required calibration which was initially done using a manometer. In the early 1950s RW Munro was advertising Variable Resistance units Type HR which gave an output of Voltage proportional to Pitot Air Speed or to Aneroid Height. This instrument would also appear to have an air pressure input and an electrical output; it is marked to cover a range from 0-70,000ft altitude. It is not known at present what calibrated pressure source, if any, was used.

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