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Lightning Air Data Computer Power Supply Unit

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0195
Category: Air Data
Object Type: Power Supply/Conditioner
Object Name: Lightning Air Data Computer Power Supply Unit
Part No: 3D 5879/1
Serial No: 327/66
Manufacturer: Elliott Bros (London) Ltd
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): Lightning
Year of Manufacture: 1966
Dimensions: Width (mm): 230
Height (mm): 130
Depth (mm): 180
Weight (g): 4,430
Location: Rack RAA10 [Main Store]

A.D.C. Power Supply Unit 'C'
Type No. 3D 5879/1
Ref No. 6TD 1028898
Ser No. 327/66


Primary power supplies in the Lightning were generated by an AC Alternator and a DC Generator both driven by an air turbine drive unit. The aircraft has 28VDC and AC supplies at both 115 V, three-phase, 400 c/s power supply voltage for equipment and 4VAC for lighting The function of this unit seems to be power conditioning to provide the specific supplies required by the Air Data Computers. Similar units were fitted to the Buccaneer. The relationship between ‘Type’ and ‘Mk’ numbers is not known but it would seem that each ‘Type’ can have incremental ‘Mk’ numbers.

This item has a second label on it that reads:

"Type No. 3D 5879/1
Ser. No. 327/66
A.D.S. Nos 18, 30, 64, 98. 99,113, 160"

May be Buccaneer.

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