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Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0171
Category: Air Data
Object Type: Indicator/Instrument
Object Name: Altimeter
Part No: 81-22-15
Serial No: 025/68
Manufacturer: Elliott Bros (London) Ltd
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): VC10
Year of Manufacture: circa 1968
Dimensions: Width (mm): 83
Height (mm): 83
Depth (mm): 170
Weight (g): 940
Location: Triple Shelf Unit, RH (indicators) [Main Store]

Indicator - Height
Mod. Type No. 81-22-15
Ser. No. 025/68
Safe Compass Dist. 3.2in.


This Altimeter is typical of those manufactured by Elliotts during the late 1960s under licence from Bendix. This one shows the altitude with an analogue hand indication 0-500 x100 ft. The instrument is identified as a Height Type Indicator.

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