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Servo Altitude Repeater

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1661
Category: Air Data
Object Type: Indicator/Instrument
Object Name: Servo Altitude Repeater
Part No: 81-22-11
Serial No: 053/70
Manufacturer: Elliott
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): Nimrod
Year of Manufacture: circa 1970
Dimensions: Width (mm): 80
Height (mm): 80
Depth (mm): 190
Weight (g): 1,192
Location: Triple Shelf Unit, RH (indicators) [Main Store]

Servoed Altitude Repeater
Type No. 81-22-11
Mod. No. -
Ser. No. 053/70
Ref No. 6TP/1082840
Safe Compass Distance - ins.


This is a repeater Altimeter servoed from the Master unit. This one shows the altitude with a three-digit readout and an analogue dial showing 1000ft per revolution. The knurled Knob at the bottom left-hand corner is for setting the Barometric Pressure at the take-off point (QFE). The instrument may be based on a Kolsman design made under licence.

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