Air Data The Collection

Air Data systems provide accurate information on quantities such as pressure, altitude, vertical speed, calibrated airspeed, true airspeed, Mach number, static air temperature and air density ratio. This information is essential for the pilot to fly the aircraft safely and is required by a number of key avionic subsystems which enable the pilot to carry out a mission.

The static and pitot-static probes connect via pipes to transducers that convert the sensed air-pressures into signals that can be processed by the Air Data Computer. The computer outputs may feed directly to Instruments (e.g. Altimeter and IAS) or other systems (e.g. Head Up Display and Flight Management).

Air Data Sensors can take many forms such as: probes that extend well forward of the aircraft (to avoid aerodynamic interference or shock waves); side-mounted orifices (for stealth reasons many military aircraft use flush ports); side mounted swivelling probes that sense angle of attack; gimballed probes (allowing helicopters to sense left-right and fore-aft airspeed components, including zero when hovering).
Object Name Cat No Object Type Year
Switching Altimeter C0090 Sensor/Transducer 1958
Pitot-Static Unit C0092 Sensor/Transducer 1968
Lightning Air Data Sensor C0103 Sensor/Transducer circa 1965
Lightning Air Data Sensor C0104 Sensor/Transducer circa 1965
Force Balance Mechanism C0105 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1965
Six Air Data Sensor Capsules C0106 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
Height Lock Transducer C0107 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Transmitting Airspeed Unit C0108 Sensor/Transducer circa 1962
Differential Pressure Transducer C0109 Sensor/Transducer 1956
Air Data Pitot-Static Transducer Unit C0116 Sensor/Transducer 1960
Air Data Static Transducer Unit C0117 Sensor/Transducer 1960
Air Data Pressure Reference Unit C0118 Sensor/Transducer 1960
Air Data System Static Capsule Unit Demonstrator C0119 Sensor/Transducer 1960
Static Capsule Mechanism (capsule case missing) C0120 Sensor/Transducer 1960
Air Data System, Pitot-Static Capsule Sensor Mechanism C0121 Sensor/Transducer 1960
Static Capsule Mechanism (capsule missing) C0122 Sensor/Transducer 1960
Static Capsule Mechanism (capsule missing) C0123 Sensor/Transducer 1960
Air Data System, Capsule Sensor, Cam-Corrector Mechanism C0124 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
Air Data System, Pitot-Static Capsule Sensor, Cam-Corrector Mechanism C0125 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
Air Mileage Unit C0129 Signal/Data Processor circa 1951
Height Lock Transducer C0130 Sensor/Transducer 1963
Static Transducer Mk3 C0131 Sensor/Transducer 1970
Air Data Computer Power Supply Unit C0132 Power Supply/Conditioner 1960
Lightning Air Data Static Transducer Unit C0133 Sensor/Transducer 1967
Lightning Air Data Pitot-Static Transducer Unit C0134 Sensor/Transducer 1967
Altimeter & TAS Indicator C0136 Indicator/Instrument 1966
Altimeter C0151 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Digital Altimeter Mechanism C0152 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Lightning Air Data Pitot-Static Transducer Unit C0153 Sensor/Transducer 1965
Air Data Sensor Unit C0154 Sensor/Transducer 1965
EAP Air Data Computer C0155 Signal/Data Processor 1985
EAP Air Data Computer C0156 Signal/Data Processor 1985
Jaguar Air Data Computer C0157 Signal/Data Processor 1969
C-5 Air Data Computer C0158 Signal/Data Processor 1966
Air Data Computer (SCADC2) C0159 Signal/Data Processor circa 1985
F-14 Air Data Computer (SCADC2) C0160 Signal/Data Processor circa 1985
S-3 Air Data Computer (space model) C0161 Model circa 1981
Solid-State Altimeter C0163 Indicator/Instrument circa 1988
Altimeter C0165 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Airspeed Indicator C0166 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Airspeed Indicator C0167 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Servo Controlled Altimeter C0170 Indicator/Instrument circa 1966
Altimeter C0171 Indicator/Instrument circa 1968
Altimeter C0174 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
ADS Barometric Pressure Entry Unit C0181 Control/Data Entry Unknown
Lightning Air Data Static Transducer Unit C0187 Sensor/Transducer 1965
Lightning Air Data Computer C0188 Signal/Data Processor 1967
Lightning Air Data Computer Power Supply Unit C0189 Power Supply/Conditioner 1961
Lightning Air Data Computer C0190 Signal/Data Processor 1965
F-4 Air Data Computer (space model) C0191 Model Unknown
F-111 Air Data Computer (space model) C0192 Model circa 1985
Lightning Air Data Computer Power Supply Unit C0195 Power Supply/Conditioner 1966
F-4 Air Data Computer C0211 Signal/Data Processor circa 1986
Air Data Tester C0215 Test Equipment circa 1960
Lightning Air Data Computer C0283 Signal/Data Processor 1962
Lightning Air Data Computer C0284 Signal/Data Processor 1967
Static Air Pressure Transducer C0289 Sensor/Transducer 1967
Helicopter Air Data Probe C0322 Sensor/Transducer 1979
Airspeed & Direction Probe Parts C0323 Sensor/Transducer circa 1979
Multi-Axis Pitot-Static Probe Parts C0324 Sensor/Transducer 1974
Air Data Transducer C0445 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Airspeed Sensing Unit C0530 Sensor/Transducer circa 1968
Air Data Altitude Transducer C0541 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
ADS Barometric Pressure Entry Unit C0557 Control/Data Entry Unknown
Triplex Transducer Unit C0562 Sensor/Transducer circa 1975
Height Lock Cock C0576 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1960
Fluid Pressure Sensor C0619 Sensor/Transducer circa 1980
Air Data Airspeed Transducer C0635 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Synchro Interface Module (SIM) C0638 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1988
Height Calibrator C0652 Test Equipment circa 1960
Air Data Computer Power Supply Unit C0653 Power Supply/Conditioner 1963
Pitot- Static Unit C0654 Sensor/Transducer circa 1981
Switching Altimeter C0655 Sensor/Transducer 1955
Air Data Altitude Transducer C0664 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
VC10 Comparison Air Data Sensor C0828 Sensor/Transducer 1964
VC10 Comparison Air Data Sensor C0928 Sensor/Transducer 1964
Typhoon Air Data Pitot, Static & Flow Angle Vane C0973 Sensor/Transducer circa 2000
SCADC Mounting Tray C0995 Mounting Tray circa 1983
Pitot-Static Probe C0996 Sensor/Transducer circa 1988
Air Data Altitude Transducer C1008 Sensor/Transducer circa 1988
Air Data Airspeed Transducer C1009 Sensor/Transducer circa 1988
Air Data Altitude Transducer C1010 Sensor/Transducer circa 1988
Nimrod ADC Height Output Module C1047 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1978
Dual P-S Air Pressure Transducer Module C1048 Sensor/Transducer 1969
P-S Air Pressure Transducer Module C1049 Sensor/Transducer 1971
Pitot-Static Air Pressure Transducer C1050 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Triple Aneroid Capsule C1053 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Air Pressure Sensor C1122 Sensor/Transducer 2000
Air Data Sensor Unit C1177 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Project 956 Air Data Computer C1204 Signal/Data Processor 1984
SCADC Static Pressure Compensator (SPC) C1241 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Triplex Transducer Unit C1300 Sensor/Transducer circa 1975
Triplex Transducer Unit C1301 Sensor/Transducer circa 1975
Air Data Computer C1302 Signal/Data Processor 1985
Jaguar Air Data Computer C1310 Signal/Data Processor 1968
VC10 Air Data Sensor C1311 Sensor/Transducer 1965
Air Data Computer C1312 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Standby Altimeter C1325 Indicator/Instrument 1971
Altimeter C1333 Indicator/Instrument 1951
Monitored Static Transducer C1350 Sensor/Transducer 1970
Jaguar ADC Module C1359 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Air Data Sensor C1360 Sensor/Transducer 1965
Airspeed & Direction Probe C1364 Sensor/Transducer 1979
Switching Altimeter C1365 Sensor/Transducer circa 1958
True Mach No. Indicator C1382 Indicator/Instrument 1969
SCADC CPXXX1 (Space Model) C1472 Signal/Data Processor circa 1981
SCADC Power Supply Module (PSM) C1475 Power Supply/Conditioner circa 1985
Static Transducer Assembly C1476 Sensor/Transducer circa 1980
Total Transducer Assembly C1479 Sensor/Transducer circa 1980
SCADC CPXXX3 (space model) C1481 Model circa 1980
SCADC Power Supply Module (PSM) C1493 Power Supply/Conditioner circa 1985
Gearbox Unit, Computing and Output Module C1506 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1975
Nimrod ADC Chassis. C1526 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
TOAT Output Module C1538 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1970
Air Data Sensor C1548 Sensor/Transducer circa 1965
Comparison Air Data Sensor C1551 Sensor/Transducer circa 1965
Gearbox Unit, Computing and Output Module C1552 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1975
VC10 Air Data Sensor C1553 Sensor/Transducer circa 1965
Air Data Computer CPU C1625 Signal/Data Processor circa 1980
CPU from Air Data Computer System C1628 Signal/Data Processor circa 1986
Servo Altitude Repeater C1661 Indicator/Instrument circa 1970
ADC IAS Output Module C1665 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1968
Air Data Computer. C1669 Signal/Data Processor circa 1970
Servoed Altitude Repeater C1680 Indicator/Instrument circa 1969
AIR DATA SENSOR C1735 Sensor/Transducer 1965
AIR DATA SENSOR C1736 Sensor/Transducer 1966