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British Aerospace Paris Airshow Display Card

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0890
Category: Corporate/Business
Object Type: Promotional Item
Object Name: British Aerospace Paris Airshow Display Card
Part No: ?
Serial No: None
Manufacturer: BAE Systems
Division: Unknown
Year of Manufacture: 1987
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Weight (g):
Location: Main Store



This card was an advertisement for British Aerospace at the Paris Airshow, June 12th - 21st.
Although the Year is not marked:
• BAe existed from 1977 to Jan 1999
• Hawk 200 (on the card) only existed from 1987 and
• the Paris Airshow is held in June in odd years.
Within those constraints, the only year with June Airshow dates that match those on the card is 1987.
The card is intended to be folded in half to stand on a table-top.

The Company in common with most organisations has a wide range of items promoting the Company name as a form of advertising. The range extends from  'cheap and cheeful'; the sort of thing that would be on the Stand at an Exhibition like the SBAC Farnborough Show. The young visitors love collecting these items along with pictures and Brochures. Such items would include the following:

Stickers, Carrier Bags, Furry Bugs, simple aircraft assembly kits, Cardboard Head Up Display, Drinks Mats. Sometimes a collection of items is put together in something like a Pouch or presentation bag.

A more up-market offering, of better quality, might include:

Mugs, Pens, Key Fobs, Tape Dispensers, Magnifying Glasses, Model cars or the Hybrid Bus, Penknife and Pens.

The top range gifts are usually presented to important visitors or taken on visits to customers and these might include:

Executive Toys, Paperweights, Business Card Holders, Wallets, Clocks, Calculators, Engraved glasses and Glass blocks with a contained model and legend (BAE Systems liked to produce glass Globes to illustrate the global reach of the company). A rather special gift has been a Hologram of a coin.

Ties have been a regular gift in the days when they were regularly worn and were presented as recognition of achievement or membership of a group or ‘club as well as being a promotional gift. Employees for example will be encouraged to wear a T-Shirt with a Corporate Logo which gives a corporate identity. 

The RAA includes items of this type acquired from Suppliers and visits to Customers.


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