Corporate/Business The Collection

This category is for items relating to a named company, division, department or product team, either to facilitate the conduct of business or to mark significant events or achievements.
Object Name Cat No Object Type Year
10,000th F-16 HUD Medallion C0695 Medal/Badge 1993
25 Years HUD Production Sticker C1392 Promotional Item circa 1986
25 Years of ADD Peel-off Stick-on Bardge C1645 Medal/Badge circa 1984
5000th F-16 HUD Nameplate C0773 Plaque/Certificate 1993
810 Squadron Plaque C1322 Plaque/Certificate Unknown
AC-130 Sew-On Badge C1250 Medal/Badge Unknown
ADD Peel-off Stick-on Badge C1632 Medal/Badge Unknown
ADD's 25 Years of HUD Production Badge C1578 Medal/Badge circa 1984
Aerospace Systems Course 1995 Award C0873 Plaque/Certificate 1995
AQS 903A Delivery Award C1558 Trophy/Award circa 2002
Archimedes Statue C1466 Trophy/Award 1992
Avionic Systems Recognition C1280 Trophy/Award Unknown
Avionic Systems Recognition Award C0978 Trophy/Award Unknown
Avionic Systems Recognition Award C0979 Trophy/Award Unknown
Avionic Systems Recognition crystal award C1165 Trophy/Award Unknown
Avionics Group Rochester Badge C1593 Medal/Badge 2000
Award for Electronic System Rochester C1266 Plaque/Certificate 2011
Award for the 100th C-17 Aircraft C1412 Trophy/Award 2002
Award to David J. Hubbard C1613 Trophy/Award 1995
Award to Marconi Avionics from British Aerospace 1999 C1273 Plaque/Certificate 1999
BAE Systems Badge C1414 Medal/Badge Unknown
BAE SYSTEMS Calculator C1015 Promotional Item circa 2005
BAE Systems Carrier Bag C0725 Promotional Item circa 2000
BAE SYSTEMS Clock C0976 Promotional Item circa 2005
BAe Systems Coffee Mugs C1682 Promotional Item Unknown
BAE Systems Hand-outs C1208 Promotional Item 2015
BAE Systems Mentor Program Plaque C1411 Plaque/Certificate 2008
BAE SYSTEMS Mug C0741 Promotional Item 2002
BAE Systems Pen C0744 Promotional Item circa 2005
BAE Systems Pen C0779 Promotional Item circa 2005
BAE Systems Promotional Item C1428 Promotional Item circa 2005
BAE SYSTEMS T-Shirt C0733 Promotional Item circa 2000
Battlefield Helicopter Avionics Sticker C0754 Promotional Item circa 1990
Beer Mat C0692 Promotional Item circa 1986
Best Supplier Award from GKN Westlands C1484 Trophy/Award Unknown
Blue Ribbon Contractor Certificate C1335 Plaque/Certificate 1995
Blue Ribbon Contractor Certificate C0866 Plaque/Certificate 1995
BOAC Ashtray C0983 Promotional Item circa 1948
Boeing 100th C-17 Badge C1585 Medal/Badge 2002
Boeing C-17 100 Aircraft Memento C1413 Plaque/Certificate 2002
British Aerospace Paris Airshow Display Card C0890 Promotional Item 1987
British Airways Delivery Performance Award C0864 Trophy/Award 2001
British Airways Delivery Performance Certificate C0865 Plaque/Certificate 2001
British Safety Council Award 2000 C1271 Plaque/Certificate 2000
Business Card Holder C0742 Promotional Item circa 1984
Business Card Wallet C0746 Promotional Item circa 1985
Business Card Wallet C0747 Promotional Item circa 1984
Business Card Wallet C0750 Promotional Item circa 1984
Business Card Wallet EOPD C0702 Promotional Item circa 1984
C-130J Hercules Sew-On Badge C1249 Medal/Badge Unknown
Certificate of Approval from GKN Westland. C1416 Plaque/Certificate 1996
Chairman's Award for Innovation C0708 Trophy/Award Unknown
Chairman's Award for Innovation 2002 C0707 Trophy/Award 2002
Chairman's Award for Innovation 2002 C0709 Trophy/Award 2002
Chairman's Award for Innovation 2003 C1283 Trophy/Award 2003
Chairman's Award for Innovation 2003 C0980 Trophy/Award 2003
Chairman's Award for Innovation 2003 C0981 Trophy/Award 2003
Chairman's Bronze Award for Innovation C1404 Trophy/Award Unknown
Chairman's Bronze Award for Innovation C1405 Trophy/Award Unknown
Chairman's Bronze Award for Innovation C1269 Plaque/Certificate Unknown
Chairman's Bronze Award for Innovation 2000 C1270 Plaque/Certificate 2000
Cheap Night Beer Mat C1693 Promotional Item 1984
CIWM Award for Environmental Excellence 2012 C1515 Trophy/Award 2012
Clock Machine C1502 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Coffee Mug depicting Hawk MSC-2 C1690 Promotional Item Unknown
Commemoration Brandy Glass C1259 Trophy/Award 1990
Company Clock Card C1587 Stationery/Office Items 1990
Company Flag C0731 Promotional Item circa 1980
Company Flag C0732 Promotional Item circa 1980
CSC Mouse Mat C0777 Promotional Item 2005
EFA Paperweight C1242 Promotional Item 1988
Elliott Toolroom/ADD Model Shop Award. 1956-1983. (tongue in cheek) C1683 Trophy/Award 1956
Engraved Glass Promotional item from Meggitt Systems. C1462 Promotional Item circa 2016
Engraved Ornamental Glass Plaque/paperweight commemorating C-17 Project. C1437 Plaque/Certificate Unknown
Example of training task from apprentice school. C1684 Model 1954
F-16 AOG Sticker C0752 Promotional Item circa 1980
F-16XL Medallion C0703 Medal/Badge 1982
F-22 "Outstanding Team Player" Award C0690 Trophy/Award 1998
F-22 Medallion C1415 Medal/Badge Unknown
Farnborough '82 Badge C1577 Medal/Badge 1982
Farnborough International '92 Badge C1579 Medal/Badge 1992
First C-130J Delivery Memento C1431 Promotional Item 1998
Flight Safety Foundation Award to BAE Systems C1274 Plaque/Certificate 2003
Fuel Flow Lab at Rochester model C1209 Model Unknown
GEC Avionics ADD Beer Mat C0751 Promotional Item 1984
GEC Avionics Badge C1583 Medal/Badge circa 1985
GEC Avionics Badge C1592 Medal/Badge Unknown
GEC Avionics Badge C1215 Medal/Badge Unknown
GEC Avionics Badge C1216 Medal/Badge Unknown
GEC Avionics Badges C0728 Medal/Badge circa 1984
GEC Avionics Bugs C0730 Promotional Item circa 1984
GEC Avionics IC Pad, small C0892 Stationery/Office Items circa 1984
GEC Avionics Rochester Stickers C1692 Promotional Item Unknown
GEC Avionics shipping label C0775 Stationery/Office Items circa 1984
GEC Avionics Tape Dispenser C1369 Promotional Item Unknown
GEC Marconi Avionics Coffee Mug C1430 Promotional Item circa 1995
GEC-Marconi Avionics Biro Pen C0701 Promotional Item circa 1995
GEC-Marconi Avionics Carrier Bag C0727 Promotional Item circa 1995
GEC-Marconi Badge C1580 Medal/Badge Unknown
GEC-Marconi Mug C0740 Promotional Item circa 1985
General Dynamics Plaque C0711 Plaque/Certificate 1991
General Dynamics Plaque C0712 Plaque/Certificate 1990
Globe Stress Ball with BAE Systems logo C0738 Promotional Item circa 2000
GMAv Paperweight C0705 Promotional Item circa 1985
Holographic Coin C1234 Promotional Item 1977
Inauguration Ceremony of F-16 Block 52 "Peace Xenia III" C1421 Medal/Badge 2003
IND Books of Matches C1560 Promotional Item Unknown
Industrial College of the Armed Forces Certificate C0867 Plaque/Certificate 1991
Inertial Navigation Division Tie C1562 Promotional Item Unknown
Innovation Award C1432 Trophy/Award Unknown
Instrument Systems Division Badge C1582 Medal/Badge circa 1981
Instument Systems Division (ISD) Sticker C1389 Promotional Item 1985
Internal Telephone Directory C0693 Stationery/Office Items circa 1984
Israeli Air Force Sticker C0753 Promotional Item circa 1980
KAI T-50 Golden Eagle Award C1290 Plaque/Certificate 2003
Kent Trust for Nature Conservation C0869 Plaque/Certificate 1992
Key ring from German Aerospace Centre C1603 Promotional Item Unknown
Magnifying Glass C1225 Promotional Item circa 2005
Marconi Avionics Badge C1576 Medal/Badge Unknown
Marconi Avionics Badge C0759 Medal/Badge circa 1981
Marconi Avionics Carrier Bag C0726 Promotional Item circa 1980
Marconi Avionics IC Pads, large C0893 Stationery/Office Items circa 1980
Master Time Recording Clock C0820 Indicator/Instrument circa 1960
Material Requisition Form Pad C0776 Stationery/Office Items 1984
Maturity Level Award C1566 Trophy/Award 2008
MAv Holographic Production Sticker C1393 Promotional Item circa 1980
Medallion Celebrating the Rollout of the Boeing 777-300ER C1420 Medal/Badge 2002
Meggitt Defence Systems "Banshee" Promotional Item. C1427 Promotional Item circa 1985
MLRS Award C0870 Plaque/Certificate Unknown
Model of Panavia MRCA/Tornado C1555 Model Unknown
Model of A-4 C1399 Model Unknown
Model of F-16 C1402 Model Unknown
Model of Fairchild A-10 C1398 Model Unknown
Model of Panavia MRCA (Tornado) C1400 Model Unknown
Model of the proposed seven tower facility at Rochester. C0717 Model circa 1963
Model of Vought A-7 C1401 Model Unknown
Mouse Mat C0691 Promotional Item 2008
N2130 Plaque 1997 C0758 Plaque/Certificate 1997
Nimrod Bug C0729 Promotional Item Unknown
Open Day Memorabilia 2000 C1559 Promotional Item circa 2000
Open Day Memorabilia 2002 C0749 Promotional Item 2002
P110 Key Fob & Penknife C1227 Promotional Item circa 1970
P110 Paper & Pen Knife C1228 Promotional Item 1970
Paperweight C0704 Trophy/Award 1997
Pen Commemorating Queens' Award for Technology 1998 C1445 Stationery/Office Items 1998
Phoenix Stickers C0891 Promotional Item circa 1984
Phoenix Tooling's 'Have a Nice Day' Badge C1584 Medal/Badge circa 1981
Plaque for Corsair Mosaic C0849 Plaque/Certificate 1978
Plaque from RNLAF 306 Squadron C0719 Plaque/Certificate Unknown
Plaque from RNLAF 323 Squadron C0718 Plaque/Certificate Unknown
Plaque from RNLAF Leeuwarden Air Base C0723 Plaque/Certificate Unknown
Plaque from RNLAF Tactical Air Command C0722 Plaque/Certificate Unknown
Plaque from RNLAF Twenthe Air Base C0721 Plaque/Certificate Unknown
Plaque from RNLAF Volkel Air Base C0720 Plaque/Certificate Unknown
Plastic Beer Mat C0715 Promotional Item circa 1980
Preferred Supplier Award C1403 Trophy/Award 1996
Preferred Supplier Process Award FSD C0760 Trophy/Award 1997
Presentation glass model for the 10,000th HUD C0862 Trophy/Award 1993
Professional Development Scheme Accreditation. C1418 Trophy/Award 2011
Promotional Puzzle C1561 Promotional Item Unknown
Proposed Sandringham Memorial model C0884 Model circa 1937
Queen's Award Crystal Glasses C1016 Trophy/Award 1985
Queen's Award Flag C0735 Promotional Item circa 1989
Queen's Award for Export 1987 C1272 Plaque/Certificate 1987
Queen's Award for Export Achievement 1983 C1467 Plaque/Certificate 1983
Queen's Award for Innovation Glass Bowl for 2002 C1434 Trophy/Award 2002
Queen's Award for Technological Achievement 1983 C1336 Plaque/Certificate 1983
RAF Engineering Window Sticker C1390 Promotional Item Unknown
Rochester Award C1281 Trophy/Award 2008
Safety Award 2001 C1531 Trophy/Award 2001
Safety Award 2005 C1522 Trophy/Award 2005
Safety Award 2000 C1530 Trophy/Award 2000
Safety Award 2002 C1523 Trophy/Award 2002
Safety Award 2003 C1532 Trophy/Award 2003
Safety Award 2004 C1533 Trophy/Award 2004
Safety Award 2006 C1534 Trophy/Award 2006
Safety Award 2007 C1524 Trophy/Award 2007
Safety Award 2008 C1529 Trophy/Award 2008
Safety Award 2009 C1528 Trophy/Award 2009
SCADC Mug C1503 Promotional Item circa 1986
Selection of Items from German Aerospace Centre C1602 Promotional Item Unknown
Set of six china cups from Concorde cabin service C1429 Promotional Item Unknown
Society of Experimental Test Pilots Plaque C0724 Plaque/Certificate 1984
Statistical Process Control Certification Plaque C1396 Trophy/Award 1994
Supply Excellence Programme Certificate. C1417 Plaque/Certificate 1997
Telescopic Pointer C1210 Promotional Item circa 1984
Thermos Mug C0743 Promotional Item circa 2002
Time Recording Clock C1513 Indicator/Instrument circa 1960
Time Recording Clock C0451 Indicator/Instrument 1930
Time Recording Clock Controller C0821 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
Two Piece Glass Promotional Item Showing World Wide Operations C1449 Promotional Item circa 2005
Typhoon Model Aircraft Kit C0745 Promotional Item circa 2012
U. A. E. Air Force Presentation. C1409 Trophy/Award Unknown
Visitors' Book C1438 Stationery/Office Items 1998
Visual Guidance Systems (VGS) Sticker C1460 Promotional Item circa 1998
Wallet C0748 Promotional Item circa 1967
X-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) First Flight Memento. C1422 Medal/Badge 2000
YC-14 Paperweight C1247 Promotional Item circa 1976
YF-16 ACF Sew-On Badge C0756 Medal/Badge Unknown
YF-16 Sew-On Badge C0757 Medal/Badge circa 1975