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Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1107
Category: Flight Control
Object Type: Sensor/Transducer
Object Name: Accelerometer
Part No: 205-A1-13001/2
Serial No: 219449
Manufacturer: GEC Avionics
Division: Unknown
Year of Manufacture: circa 1988
Dimensions: Width (mm): 28
Height (mm): 28
Depth (mm): 56
Weight (g): 103
Location: 30-Drawer Unit 01 on Rack RAA09 [Main Store]

GEC Avionics
Rochester, England
Ser.No. 19449
Input Range ±3g
Licencee of United Technologies Corp


Originally, these Accelerometers were made at the GEC Avionics Inertial Products Division, located in Plymouth, UK, which became BAE Inertial Products Division. The site was bought out and became Atlantic Inertial Systems in 2007 (and then became several others including UTC due to various buy outs); it is now part of Collins Aerospace. The given size excludes a 7-wire cable (with a 15-way D-type connector); the given weight includes this cable.
The label indicates this accelerometer was intended for the "Z" axis and the sensing direction is marked with an arrow "I↑A" (IA = "Input Axis").
The date is indicated by the "GEC Avionics" which lasted from 1984 to 1992.

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