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Spoilers Electronic Control Unit (space model)

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0355
Category: Flight Control
Object Type: Model
Object Name: Spoilers Electronic Control Unit (space model)
Part No: 49-164-
Serial No: None
Manufacturer: GEC Avionics
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): Canadair Regional Jet
Year of Manufacture: 1995
Dimensions: Width (mm): 190
Height (mm): 197
Depth (mm): 386
Weight (g): 3,120
Location: Rack RAA01 [Main Store]

Manufactured by
GEC Avionics Ltd. Rochester England (K0656)
Spoilers Electronic Control Unit
Part No. 49-164-
Ser No.
Canadair Part No. 601R59147
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Canadair Regional Jet


The flight spoilers provides the aircraft with lift dumping and speed control as commanded from the spoiler control lever in the flight compartment.
The ground spoilers only deploy on the ground as part of the ground lift dumping function to slow the aircraft during landing. The spoilerons and flight spoilers also deploy on the ground
to assist in the ground lift dumping function.
This unit is a model of the control computer called the Spoilers Electronic Control Unit.

The primary flight controls on the Canadair Regional Jet are the ailerons, elevators, and rudder. The primary flight surfaces are hydraulically actuated from flight crew inputs on a dual network of cables, pulleys, and pushpull rods, which operate hydraulic power control units (PCU).

Artificial control loading (tactile feedback) is provided at the control columns, control wheels, and rudder pedals.

The secondary flight controls consist of the horizontal stabilizer, inboard and outboard flaps, flight spoilers, ground spoilers, and various trim systems. Spoilerons operate with the ailerons to provide roll assistance.

The RAA contains a number of models of equipment and aircraft. The equipment models were used as a marketing aid and often to ensure that the production unit will fit in the space; this was particularly true for Head Up Displays. Such equipment models will have minimal or no functionality. Models might  just be used as weighted units or as cockpit lighting evaluation units. The HUD used on the YF-16 was of the correct weight and envelope but only mounted the Spin 'chute button (a feature only required for the early test flights). Many of these models were made by professional model makers from the original drawings and could be quite expensive; alternatively the real hardware would be used.

The aircraft models range from the simple small scale kits to quite large display items. The large model aircraft were often a marketing tool from places like Airbus or Boeing but may be found in Boardrooms or Reception areas wheras the small models may be given as a visitor handout. Those models made from kits have largely been brought in from home but are useful to illustrate the platform alongside the equipment. The large models will be hugely expensive.

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