Flight Control The Collection

This category covers a wide range of systems such as Fly by Wire, Auto-Pilot, Auto-Throttle, Flight Management and Energy Management.

• Fly-by-Wire only implies an electrically-signalled control system; however, it is generally used in the sense of computer-configured controls. This is where a computer system is interposed between the operator's controls and the aircraft flight control surfaces' actuators; modifying the pilot's inputs in accordance with software based models and the sensed aircraft motion. This can be used to impart stability to inherently unstable aircraft to deliver controllablity and high agility.
• Auto-Pilots relieve the pilot of the need to fly the aircraft continually and, as well as basic modes such as height and heading hold, it can give very precise control for automatic landing and, for military aircraft, terrain following.
• Auto-Throttles provide a closed loop that controls engine thrust to maintain a demanded airspeed.
• Flight Management Systems can vary considerably in complexity but may provide flight guidance with lateral and vertical control of the flight path. They may monitor the flight envelope to optimise the speed and fuel burn and allow for flight planning .
• Energy Management Systems are essentially a Flight Management System for military aircraft and used to optimise missions with real time planning.

All the above require control devices for the pilot's control inputs (inceptors and control panels) and actuators to operate the aircraft's flight control surfaces. The complexity and weight of mechanical flight control systems increases considerably with the size and performance of the aircraft. Hydraulic, electrical and electro-hydraulic power systems have overcome these limitations.
Object Name Cat No Object Type Year
Concorde Quadruplex Hydraulic Actuator C0085 Actuator 1964
Tornado Quadruplex Hydraulic Actuator C0086 Actuator 1967
Quadruplex Hydraulic Actuator C0087 Actuator 1967
Quadruplex Hydraulic Actuator (space model) C0088 Actuator 1969
Quadruplex Hydraulic Actuator C0089 Actuator 1973
Torque Motor C0100 Actuator 1957
Torque Motor C0101 Actuator 1957
Actuator Fork Coupling C0126 Actuator 1960
Roll Stick Force Sensor C0212 Actuator Unknown
Roll Stick Force Sensor C0213 Actuator Unknown
Hydraulic Actuator Demonstrator C0310 Actuator Unknown
Hydraulic Actuator C0311 Actuator circa 1960
Hydraulic Actuator C0312 Actuator circa 1960
Roll Stick Force Sensor C0214 Actuator Unknown
Auto-Pilot Actuator C0577 Actuator 1960
Pedal Shaker Assembly C0625 Actuator circa 1985
Servo Unit C0665 Actuator circa 1990
Flight Control Actuator C0671 Actuator Unknown
Rotary Actuator C0688 Actuator Unknown
Flight Control Actuator C0794 Actuator circa 1966
Flight Control Actuator C0795 Actuator circa 1966
Servo Unit C0833 Actuator circa 1992
Flight Control Actuator C0835 Actuator circa 1992
Pedal Shaker Assembly C0953 Actuator circa 1985
Servo-Surface C1026 Actuator circa 1968
Jack and Valve Assy C0993 Actuator 1969
Rotary Actuator C1163 Actuator circa 1980
Trim Servo Unit C1186 Actuator circa 1963
Trim Servo Unit C1304 Actuator circa 1962
Servo-Surface C1356 Actuator circa 1968
Rotary Actuator C1323 Actuator circa 1978
Servo-Surface C1518 Actuator circa 1968
Rotary Actuator C1521 Actuator circa 1982
EAP FCC Pilot's Control Unit C0146 Control/Data Entry Unknown
EAP Pilot's Control Unit C0147 Control/Data Entry Unknown
Tornado CSAS Control Unit C0210 Control/Data Entry Unknown
Tornado Spin and Incidence Limiting System (SPILS) Control Panel C0245 Control/Data Entry Unknown
C-5A Crosswind Position Controller C0315 Control/Data Entry circa 1969
Jaguar Pilot's Control & Switch Panel C0335 Control/Data Entry circa 1980
Pilots Controller C0509 Control/Data Entry 1966
Energy Management Analog Computer (EMAC) C0128 Control/Data Entry circa 1967
Auto Pilot Dual Controller C0568 Control/Data Entry 1964
Concorde FCS Pilot's Control Unit C0605 Control/Data Entry circa 1967
Concorde AFCS Electric Trim Engage Switch Unit C0606 Control/Data Entry circa 1967
Concorde AFCS Artificial Feel Engage Switch Unit C0607 Control/Data Entry circa 1967
Jaguar FBW Pilot's Control & Switch Panel C0818 Control/Data Entry Unknown
Fibre Optic System Control Panel C0830 Control/Data Entry circa 1992
Flight Control Panel C0837 Control/Data Entry Unknown
EAP Pilot's Control Unit C0910 Control/Data Entry circa 1986
Tornado CSAS Control Unit C1101 Control/Data Entry Unknown
Turn Control C1104 Control/Data Entry Unknown
Concorde Autopilot Control Panel C1125 Control/Data Entry circa 1967
Tornado AFDS Control Unit C1289 Control/Data Entry circa 1979
Autopilot Controller C1339 Control/Data Entry Unknown
Tornado AFDS Control Unit C1708 Control/Data Entry circa 1979
Tornado AFDS Control Unit C1709 Control/Data Entry circa 1980
Pilot's Stick Sensor Assembly C0789 Inceptor 1984
Active Stick Controller Assembly C0790 Inceptor 1999
Pilot Stick Sensor, Primary Flight Controller (PFC) C0792 Inceptor circa 1990
Passive Stick C0793 Inceptor 1987
Concorde Stick Force Sensor C0660 Inceptor Unknown
Autopilot Formation Stick C0856 Inceptor 1944
Flaps Control Lever C1004 Inceptor circa 1980
Pilot's Stick Sensor Assembly C1068 Inceptor Unknown
Control Stick Grip Assembly (for exhibition) C1218 Inceptor Unknown
Control Assembly Active Stick C1287 Inceptor 1999
JSF Pilots Control Stick Mock Up. C1482 Inceptor Unknown
Passive Stick Control Assembly C1485 Inceptor 1999
Pilots Sidestick Controller C1640 Inceptor 1999
Indicating Accelerometer C0113 Indicator/Instrument 1954
C-5A Left Main Landing Gear Castering Angle Indicator C0162 Indicator/Instrument circa 1969
C-5A Nose Gear Castering Angle Indicator C0218 Indicator/Instrument circa 1960
Failure Warning Unit C0047 Indicator/Instrument 1967
Trim Indicator C0349 Indicator/Instrument 1961
Three Axis Trim Indicator C0567 Indicator/Instrument circa 1968
VC10 Triple Yaw Damper Indicator C0571 Indicator/Instrument 1965
Concorde Warning & Landing Display C0572 Indicator/Instrument 1965
Flight Path Deviation Indicator C0585 Indicator/Instrument circa 1965
Aileron Position Indicator C0603 Indicator/Instrument circa 1959
C-5A Crosswind Position Controller C1086 Indicator/Instrument 1970
Three Position Indicator C1110 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Concorde Warning & Landing Display C1316 Indicator/Instrument circa 1966
Three Axis Trim Indicator C1326 Indicator/Instrument circa 1968
Accelerometer C1332 Indicator/Instrument 1955
Hydraulic indicator C1544 Indicator/Instrument circa 1975
Hydraulic Indicator C1546 Indicator/Instrument circa 1974
Hydraulic Indicator. C1662 Indicator/Instrument circa 1968
Hydraulic Indicator. C1663 Indicator/Instrument 1968
Hydraulic Indicator C1681 Indicator/Instrument 1968
Accelerometer. C1744 Indicator/Instrument circa 1939
Airspeed Indicator C1745 Indicator/Instrument 1957
F-14 DFCS Cloth Badge C1277 Medal/Badge circa 1995
Concorde Autostabiliser Switch Unit (space model) C0112 Model circa 1965
YC-14 Interface Unit (space model) C0319 Model 1975
Airbus A320 Slats & Flaps Control Computer (space model) C0353 Model Unknown
Airbus A310 Slats & Flaps Control Computer (space model) C0354 Model Unknown
Spoilers Electronic Control Unit (space model) C0355 Model 1995
Airbus A300 Slats & Flaps Control Computer (space model) C0356 Model Unknown
Airbus A320 Slats & Flaps Control Computer (space model) C0357 Model circa 1993
YC-14 FCS Control & Display Panel (space model) C0406 Model 1975
YC-14 Flight Control Computer (space model) C0680 Model circa 1975
EFCS Test/Failure Identification Panel (space model) C0819 Model circa 1975
Lynx AFCS Engaging Controller (space model) C1001 Model circa 1980
Lynx AFCS Test Controller (space model) C1002 Model circa 1980
Tornado CSAS Control Unit (space model) C0988 Model Unknown
Auto-Pilot Flight Director Computer (space model) C0990 Model 1973
Tornado Pitch Computer (space model) C0991 Model 1973
Tornado AFDS Control Unit (space model) C0992 Model circa 1979
Autopilot Controller (space model) C1338 Model circa 1965
TSR-2 Pilot's [AFCS] Controller Panel C0135 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1963
Circuit Module C0455 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1965
Trim Indicator Amplifier Circuit Module C0457 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1964
A320 S&FCC 'Output' Circuit Module C0483 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1993
A320 S&FCC 'Lane1/Input' Circuit Module C0484 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1993
A320 S&FCC 'Module 4' Circuit Module C0485 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1993
Canadair S&FCC 'Analogue Acquisition' Circuit Module C0486 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1993
Circuit Module C0490 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1979
A320 S&FCC Motherboard Assembly C0491 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1993
A320 S&FCC Motherboard (part of) C0492 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1993
A320 S&FCC 'Lane 2' Circuit Module C0496 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1995
Circuit Module C0499 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1987
Boeing 777 FCC Motherboard C0501 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1987
Command Rate/Roll Accelerometer Circuit Module C0578 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1970
Circuit Module C0579 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1968
Circuit Module C0580 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1966
Circuit Module C0581 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1968
Command Rate/Roll Accelerometer Circuit Module C0582 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1968
Servovalve C0668 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
Servovalve C0669 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
T-45 Motor Drive Card C0628 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1989
T-45 Motor Drive Card C0629 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1989
BITE Monitor C0631 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1976
BITE Monitor C0632 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1976
Servovalve C0840 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
Servovalve C0841 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
Circuit Module C0850 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1965
Autostabiliser PItch Channel Circuit Board C0851 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1969
Synchro to Digital Rotary Encoder Servo Unit C0902 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1970
Servovalve C0918 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
Yaw Logic Circuit Module C1025 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1985
Electronic Module C1045 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
Circuit Module C1046 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1965
Oscil/Adjuster Unit C1051 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1975
Model of Box C1072 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1980
Signal Comparator C1103 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1968
Solenoid Held Engage Switch C1146 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1970
Tornado CSAS Motherboard Assembly C1170 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
Flight Control Panel Fascia C1222 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1963
Lane 1 Processor C1294 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1993
I/O Module C1295 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1995
Limiter Amplifier Circuit Module C1342 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1965
Comparator Amplifier Circuit Module C1344 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1968
'Amplifier Filter Low Pass' Circuit Module C1345 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1964
Filter Band Pass Amplifier Circuit Module C1346 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1965
Circuit Module C1348 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1965
Circuit Module C1378 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1965
Demodulator Amplifier C1504 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1964
Saturable Reactor Circuit Module C1505 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1963
8 Pole Solenoid Switch C1539 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1968
4 Pole Solenoid Switch C1540 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1966
Pitch Input Switching PCB C1594 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1980
Oscillator Adjuster Unit C1666 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1973
Airbus A320 S&FCC Power Supply Module C0482 Power Supply/Conditioner 1993
VC10 Power Junction Box C0826 Power Supply/Conditioner 1964
VC10 Power Junction Box C1021 Power Supply/Conditioner 1965
Power Supply Unit C1182 Power Supply/Conditioner circa 1980
VC10 Power Junction Box C1307 Power Supply/Conditioner 1969
Concorde Power Supply C1317 Power Supply/Conditioner circa 1965
Power Junction Box C1790 Power Supply/Conditioner 1965
Document Case FCD C0734 Promotional Item circa 1968
Rotational Accelerometer C0096 Sensor/Transducer 1955
Force Balance Mechanism C0099 Sensor/Transducer 1960
Acceleration Transducer C0111 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Quadruplex Rotary Position Sensor C0217 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Pitch Position Transmitter C0244 Sensor/Transducer circa 1980
Accelerometer C0584 Sensor/Transducer 1972
Pitch Relais Jack Sensor C0604 Sensor/Transducer circa 1967
Sentinel Airship Fibre Optic Rotation Transducer C0831 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Yaw Rate Platform C0899 Sensor/Transducer 1965
Yaw Rate Platform C0900 Sensor/Transducer 1966
Tornado Lateral Accelerometer Unit C0989 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Pitch Feel Sensor C1092 Sensor/Transducer 1972
Pitch Feel Sensor C1093 Sensor/Transducer 1972
Accelerometer C1107 Sensor/Transducer circa 1988
Tornado CSAS Roll/Yaw Position Transmitter C1109 Sensor/Transducer circa 1973
Circuit Module C1116 Sensor/Transducer circa 1967
Single Axis Accelerometer C1178 Sensor/Transducer circa 1987
Concorde Relais Jack Sensor C1318 Sensor/Transducer circa 1964
Concorde Relais Jack Sensor C1337 Sensor/Transducer circa 1965
Pitch Position Transmitter C1647 Sensor/Transducer circa 1980
Pitch Feel Sensor C1648 Sensor/Transducer circa 1970
Radar Altimeter Aerial Unit C1667 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
Jaguar FCS Actuator Drive & Monitor Computer C0004 Signal/Data Processor circa 1980
Autopilot Unit C0186 Signal/Data Processor 1987
Pedal Shaker CDEU C0219 Signal/Data Processor circa 1985
EAP Actuator Drive Unit (ADU) C0255 Signal/Data Processor 1987
EAP Actuator Drive Unit (ADU) C0256 Signal/Data Processor 1987
EAP Actuator Drive Unit (ADU) C0257 Signal/Data Processor 1987
EAP Actuator Drive Unit (ADU) C0258 Signal/Data Processor 1987
EAP Actuator Drive Unit (ADU) C0259 Signal/Data Processor 1987
EAP Actuator Drive Unit (ADU) C0260 Signal/Data Processor 1987
EAP Actuator Drive Unit (ADU) C0261 Signal/Data Processor 1987
EAP Actuator Drive Unit (ADU) C0262 Signal/Data Processor 1987
EAP Flight Control Computer C0263 Signal/Data Processor circa 1986
EAP Flight Control Computer C0264 Signal/Data Processor circa 1986
EAP Flight Control Computer C0265 Signal/Data Processor circa 1986
EAP Flight Control Computer C0266 Signal/Data Processor 1987
EAP Flight Control Computer C0267 Signal/Data Processor 1986
EAP Flight Control Computer C0268 Signal/Data Processor 1986
Jaguar Flight Control Computer (FCC) C0269 Signal/Data Processor circa 1980
Jaguar Flight Control Computer (FCC) C0270 Signal/Data Processor circa 1980
Jaguar FCS Actuator Drive & Monitor Computer C0274 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Tornado Spin Prevention Limiter (SPILS) Computer C0275 Signal/Data Processor circa 1980
Lightning Flight Control Computer C0287 Signal/Data Processor 1967
Auto Trim Amplifier C0290 Signal/Data Processor 1967
Auto-Pilot Flight Director Computer C0305 Signal/Data Processor circa 1979
EAP Flight Control Computer C0313 Signal/Data Processor 1987
Jaguar FCS Actuator Drive & Monitor Computer C0316 Signal/Data Processor circa 1978
Energy Management Analog Computer (EMAC) C0318 Signal/Data Processor circa 1965
Jaguar Flight Control Computer (FCC) C0320 Signal/Data Processor circa 1980
Boeing 7J7 Primary Flight Computer C0360 Signal/Data Processor 1986
Boeing 777 Primary Flight Computer C0361 Signal/Data Processor circa 1984
Boeing 777 Primary Flight Computer C0362 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Tornado CSAS Pitch Computer C0412 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Harrier Flight Control Yaw Computer C0540 Signal/Data Processor circa 1986
Autostabiliser Computer C0545 Signal/Data Processor 1967
Autostabiliser Computer C0546 Signal/Data Processor 1967
Autostabiliser Computer C0547 Signal/Data Processor 1967
Autostabiliser Computer C0548 Signal/Data Processor 1967
Airbus A320 Slats & Flaps Control Computer C0549 Signal/Data Processor 1993
BAC 1-11 Azimuth Amplifier and Computer C0550 Signal/Data Processor circa 1965
Autostabiliser Computer C0551 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Autostabiliser Computer C0552 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Energy Management Analog Computer (EMAC) C0127 Signal/Data Processor circa 1965
Crosswind Castering Computer C0642 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Autotrim Computer C0589 Signal/Data Processor 1989
EAP Flight Control Computer C0591 Signal/Data Processor 1986
Advanced Subsonic Aerial Target Computer C0593 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Phoenix Flight Control Computer C0602 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Autopilot and Flight Director Computer C0610 Signal/Data Processor circa 1967
Jaguar Flight Control Computer (FCC) C0658 Signal/Data Processor circa 1980
Typhoon Flight Control Computer C0661 Signal/Data Processor circa 2000
Jaguar Flight Control Computer (FCC) C0662 Signal/Data Processor circa 1980
EAP Flight Control Computer C0663 Signal/Data Processor circa 1986
VC10 Flight Steering Computer C0823 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
VC10 Lateral Amplifier & Computer C0825 Signal/Data Processor 1967
Standby Yaw Damper C0827 Signal/Data Processor 1963
Sentinel Airship Flight Control Computer C0832 Signal/Data Processor circa 1992
Sentinel Airship Actuator Drive Unit C0834 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
VC10 Flight Instrument Amplifier C0822 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
VC10 Lateral Amplifier & Computer C0927 Signal/Data Processor 1968
VC10 Flight Instrument Amplifier C0929 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
VC10 Computer Flight Steering C0930 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Jaguar FCS Actuator Drive & Monitor Computer C0954 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
EAP Flight Control Computer C0955 Signal/Data Processor 1987
EAP Flight Control Computer C1019 Signal/Data Processor 1986
BAC 1-11 Torque Limiter Adapter C1090 Signal/Data Processor 1964
Lynx Acceleration Control Computer C1062 Signal/Data Processor circa 1984
Standby Yaw Damper C1070 Signal/Data Processor 1966
Lynx Acceleration Control Computer C1176 Signal/Data Processor circa 1984
Flight Control Computer C1245 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Boeing 777 Primary Flight Computer C1285 Signal/Data Processor circa 1991
Comparison Monitor Computer C1306 Signal/Data Processor 1968
Amplifier and Computer C1308 Signal/Data Processor 1964
VC10 Pitch Amplifier and Computer C1309 Signal/Data Processor 1970
VC10 Azimuth Amp & Computer C1361 Signal/Data Processor 1969
Yaw Damper Computer C1315 Signal/Data Processor 1968
Spartan TRN Electronics Unit (space model) C1487 Signal/Data Processor circa 1989
Pitch Amp and Computer C1499 Signal/Data Processor circa 1971
VC10 Flight Instrument Amplifier C1501 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Slats and Flaps Control Computer (A321) C1623 Signal/Data Processor circa 1990
Spin Prevention and Incidence Limiting System (SPILS) Computer C1646 Signal/Data Processor circa 1980
Autostabiliser Yaw Computer C1698 Signal/Data Processor circa 1970
Flight Control Computer C1780 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Computer, Flight Steering C1782 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Comparison Monitor Computer. C1784 Signal/Data Processor circa 1969
Stability Augmentation System (SAS) Computer C1793 Signal/Data Processor circa 2009
Comparison Monitor Computer. C1796 Signal/Data Processor circa 1968
Crystal Glass for 1,000th CSAS Pitch Computer C1155 Trophy/Award 1988
7500th SFCC Award C1166 Trophy/Award 2008