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Elapsed Time Indicator

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1057
Category: General Purpose
Object Type: Module/Sub-Assembly/Component
Object Name: Elapsed Time Indicator
Part No: 620C-B
Serial No: None
Manufacturer: Cramer
Division: Unknown
Year of Manufacture: 1994
Dimensions: Width (mm): 45
Height (mm): 45
Depth (mm): 55
Weight (g): 102
Location: Rack RAA03 [Main Store]

Type 620C-B
Volts 115
CPS 400
Watts 2.0
Red figures indicate 1/10ths
Sealed Unit
Do Not Open
Lot X5925


These Elapsed Time Indicators (ETI) are designed for use wherever elapsed time must be accurately measured and accumulated. The elapsed time is an indication of down time, equipment maintenance period or performance evaluation. The larger avionics boxes will be fitted with an electro-mechanical device that can be read externally by Maintenance Engineers but a small module or card can sometimes host a miniature chemical ETI.

This is an electro-mechanical ETI. The readout has a second red-on-white wheel with horizontal bars rather than digits; the motion of the bars indicates the unit is operating (rather than having to wait up to 6 minutes). It is not known which unit this was used on.

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