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Head Gear from NBC Protection Suit

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1423
Category: General Purpose
Object Type: Unknown
Object Name: Head Gear from NBC Protection Suit
Part No: N100464-00
Serial No: 001067
Manufacturer: Gentex
Division: Unknown
Year of Manufacture: 2001
Dimensions: Width (mm): 200
Height (mm): 500
Depth (mm): 220
Weight (g): 1,090
Location: Mezzanine Store

CAGE 7L772
SN 001067


Protecting aircrew, ground crew and aircraft from the wide variety of lethal nuclear, biological and chemicals agents in gaseous, liquid and particulate forms is difficult. At present it is most effective for aircrew in combat aircraft to wear individual protective equipment (IPE) which acts as an impregnable barrier within a cockpit that cannot itself be regarded as uncontaminated. After exploring the use of oversuits with integral transparent head covers, the UK adopted the aircrew respirator No5 (AR5) for comprehensive above-neck isolation. A combination of garments give comparable below-neck protection.
The AR5 is worn under the standard flying helmet. It has a rigid, polycarbonate faceplate at the front, bonded to an impervious rubber cowl that fits closely over the head and upper part of the neck. The cowl extends down over the shoulders to overlap the suit, with a compliant bellows section at collar level to allow the head to move without dragging the part draped over the shoulders.
This NBC Headgear from Gentex works in a similar fashion and was acquired to test fit under the Striker HMD
(See Don Jarret Cockpit Engineering Section 13.12)
Overall Height inc cable 850mm.

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