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Pole Finding Paper

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1410
Category: General Purpose
Object Type: Indicator/Instrument
Object Name: Pole Finding Paper
Part No: Not Known
Serial No: Not Known
Manufacturer: GEC
Year of Manufacture: circa 1902
Dimensions: Width (mm): 95
Height (mm): 70
Depth (mm): 3
Weight (g): 9
Location: Cupboard CJ (Display 5) [Main Store]

For Electrical Works, Wireless Works, Garages, etc.
(Guaranteed All-British Manufacture).
Treble Impregnated & Highly Sensitive. Suitable for all Climates.
Instructions.- Tear off a section of the paper and moisten it with water (or apply moisture from the tongue). The two wires from Dynamo, Mains or Battery should then be pressed upon it for a few seconds, keeping the wires at the same time about ⅛-in apart (for high voltages a ¼ to ½-in apart). The wire that leaves a Red Mark on the paper is the Negative Pole. The wires should be bright and clean when making the test’.


This is essentially blotting paper dipped in a solution of sodium sulphate to which a few drops of phenolphthalein has been added.

A search of the Internet reveals such paper described in a book of 1902 but the actual date of this book is unknown.

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