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Type P Relay

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1031
Category: General Purpose
Object Type: Module/Sub-Assembly/Component
Object Name: Type P Relay
Part No: 507/1/01459/002
Serial No: 08.80.636193
Manufacturer: Plessey Dynamics
Division: Electrical Systems [of Plessey]
Year of Manufacture: 1980
Dimensions: Width (mm): 47
Height (mm): 57
Depth (mm): 32
Weight (g): 111
Location: 24-Drawer Unit 01 on Rack RAA03 [Main Store]

Plessey Dynamics
Relay Type P.
Part No. 507/1/01459/002
Coil Resistance 4200Ω
Coil Volts 115DC
Contact 28DC @ 2Amps
Contact 115DC @ 0.15Amps
Electrical Systems Division
Ilford, England
[NSN] 5945-99-620-9461
Ply 8047
Plessey Mod. -
Elec. Mod. -


It is presumed "Ply 8047" is a Plessey date code for 1980, week 47.

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