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MPE TranTest Mk II

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0977
Category: General Purpose
Object Type: Test Equipment
Object Name: MPE TranTest Mk II
Part No: MSK 1215/4
Serial No: None
Manufacturer: MPE
Division: Unknown
Year of Manufacture: Unknown
Dimensions: Width (mm): 60
Height (mm): 24
Depth (mm): 132
Weight (g): 168
Location: Rack RAA07 [Main Store]

[on outer sleeve & instrument]
This is a Trantest Mark II (pat. app.for)
The safe circuit continuity tester
Made in England by
MPE (Finchley) Ltd
Dollis Park, London N.3.
See notes on reverse side
[reproduced here in the "Notes"]


This is a very simple Test meter which will identify that PNP or NPN transistors are functioning. A simple resistance check of the junction is applied and an audible tone confirms the correct operation.Most failures are catastrophic, rendering the component completely inoperable. These simple multimeter tests are able to detect these problems very quickly and easily.


1. Fit a type PP3 dry battery to the connector provided and insert battery between clip and side of case.

2. Remove probe leads from case and insert plug ends into sockets provided.

3. Move switch to ‘On’ position and test by touching probe tips together.


4. The unit design is such that an audible signal will be generated when the probe tips are connected by a conductor having a resistance value less than that for which the unit has been adjusted.

This ‘critical value’ may be adjusted in the range 0.1 ohm to 5 ohms.

5. To adjust the unit for a required ‘critical value’ connect the probes to the terminals of a calibrated variable resistance (such as a resistance decade box) and set in the required value of resistance.

The ‘slider’ type variable resistor in the unit should then be adjusted such that oscillation commences at the chosen pre-set value.

(Adjust by moving slider until signal ceases, then move slowly back to a position at which signal will re-commence).

6. Mark pre-set value on tab provided on front of unit, if required for reference.


(a) The battery drain in the unit is quite low but the unit should always be SWITCHED OFF when not in use.

(b) The audio signal from the unit may be received in a ‘deaf-aid* type personal earphone if desired. Insertion of the earphone plug into the socket provided will effectively mute the ‘loud speaker’.

A suitable earphone (magnetic, 1000 ohms impedance) can be supplied on request. Stethoscope extensions for use in areas of high ambient noise are also available.

(c) For users whose duties involve movement from place to place, when using the TRANTEST, a special pocket clip is available to facilitate convenient attachment to the users clothing.

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