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Vertical Gyro Transmitter Assembly

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1376
Category: Gyro
Object Type: Sensor/Transducer
Object Name: Vertical Gyro Transmitter Assembly
Part No: 14127-1-A
Serial No: 40098
Manufacturer: Bendix
Division: Eclipse-Pioneer [of Bendix]
Platform(s): VC10
Year of Manufacture: 1963
Dimensions: Width (mm): 85
Height (mm): 98
Depth (mm): 170
Weight (g): 1,480
Location: Rack RAA09 [Main Store]

Comp. V.G. Assy.
Type No. 3C6848-A-1
Ref. No.
Ser. No. 022/63
Mods -
Transmitter, Vertical Gyro
115 Volts 1 Phase 400 Cycles
SAE Spec AS402 TSO-C9b
Type No. 14127-1-A
Serial No. 40098
Bendix Aviation Corporation
Eclipse-Pioneer Division
Teterboro, New Jersey
Made in U.S.A.
Ref No. 6TK6577350
E.B.L.O. Feb 95


The Vertical Gyro was supplied by Bendix and was an electrically driven gyro forming the main vertical reference for the autopilot. In addition to providing pitch and roll attitude information, it also provides a signal which is used to give ‘up elevator’ during turns. The Vertical Gyro has an interlock switch to prevent autopilot engagement before the gyro has run up. This unit is missing its top cover but the internal workings can be seen. A second Comparison Vertical Gyro was incorporated in the system to monitor the output from the main gyro.
The rough 190mm x 160mm piece of plywood on which this item is mounted and the 210mm cable are excluded from the given sizes but included in the weight.

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