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CF-116 HUD Pilot's Display Unit

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1164
Category: Head-Up Display [HUD]
Object Type: Display Unit
Object Name: CF-116 HUD Pilot's Display Unit
Part No: 3892/89330
Serial No: C434
Manufacturer: Smiths
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): F-5
Year of Manufacture: 1966
Dimensions: Width (mm): 178
Height (mm): 310
Depth (mm): 387
Weight (g): 6,720
Location: Rack RAA14 (HUD DUs) [Mezzanine Store]

Pilot's Display Unit
Code 445SUM/1
Ser. No. C434
Ref. No.
Smiths Industries
Mod Record 1 to 12
[inked marks]
FT 23 Jun 1987
S(MA)C 21
[housing casting]
SKE 152169
Fill H.T. plug with grease DTD. 900/4298


The Canadair CF-5 (officially designated the CF-116 Freedom Fighter) was the Canadair licensed-built version of the American Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter aircraft primarily for the Canadian Forces (as the CF-5) and the Royal Netherlands Air Force (as the NF-5). The CF-5 was upgraded periodically throughout its service career in Canada. The Canadian Forces retired the type in 1995, although CF-5s continue to be used by other countries.

The CF-5 was ordered by the Royal Canadian Air Force, which became part of the Canadian Forces on 1 February 1968. The new unified force took delivery of the first CF-5s at the end of 1968. Production by Canadair for the Canadian Forces was 89 single-seat aircraft, 46 dual-seat aircraft and 75 single-seat with 30 dual-seat aircraft for the Royal Netherlands Air Force, a total production of 240. Some surplus Canadian aircraft were sold to Venezuela.
The PDU is stored in a wooden, yellow-painted, shipping case. The case is 500 x 277 x 408 mm, 8300g.
The paperwork inside the case shows Part No: 3892/89330, though this is not shown on the unit.

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