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HUD EU Mounting Tray

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0514
Category: Head-Up Display [HUD]
Object Type: Mounting Tray
Object Name: HUD EU Mounting Tray
Part No: 229-051814
Serial No: 001
Manufacturer: GEC-Marconi Avionics
Division: Airborne Display [ADD]
Platform(s): Gulfstream II
Year of Manufacture: circa 1993
Dimensions: Width (mm): 210
Height (mm): 170
Depth (mm): 540
Weight (g): 1,750
Location: Rack RAA05 [Main Store]

GEC-Marconi Avionics
EU Mounting Tray
Part 229-051814
Ser 001
Code K0656


This EU mounting tray is fitted with cooling fan and was for the Gulfstream II programme which used a derivative of the F-16A/B EU.
The Gulfstream II programme ran in thg early 90s. GEC Avionics supplied an overhead HUD system made from F-16 and C-17 components and a separate electronics unit located in the avionics bay. Kodak supplied the mid-wave IR and Honeywell and Lear two different MMW radars. Another prototype of GEC Avionic's HUD was also installed in the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 simulator under the FAA's SVS programme.

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