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Projector Module

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1818
Category: Head-Up Display [HUD]
Object Type: Display Unit
Object Name: Projector Module
Part No: K0656ASSYAP00006293-01
Serial No: 0002
Manufacturer: BAE Systems
Division: Airborne Display [ADD]
Platform(s): C-17 Globemaster
Year of Manufacture: circa 2005
Dimensions: Width (mm): 115
Height (mm): 170
Depth (mm): 245
Weight (g): 1,480
Location: Mezzanine Store

Beneath the Serial No. is a number' 0503' and the unit has an adhesive label marked '0024907


The DLE Projector consists of three reusable elements;
• the illumination optic which shapes and directs the light from the LED onto the DMD™ surface.
• The imaging optic contains the DMD™ image source
• The projection optic shapes the light coming off the DMD™ surface and expands the image onto a diffusing screen suited to the particular HUD design relay lens.
The resultant DLE achieves a fit and function replacement for the current Tube Unit Assembly, particularly that of the F-16, F-22 and Typhoon HUD’s, by means of adaptor ‘tiles’ which interface with the existing video and deflection circuits.
This DLE was designed for the C-17 PDU used in the Dual Use Science and Technology programme.

Cable length 500mm.

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