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STC for Boeing 737-800

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0871
Category: Head-Up Display [HUD]
Object Type: Plaque/Certificate
Object Name: STC for Boeing 737-800
Part No: None
Serial No: None
Manufacturer: Marconi Avionics
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): Boeing 737
Year of Manufacture: 1999
Dimensions: Width (mm): 226
Height (mm): 314
Depth (mm): 18
Weight (g): 438
Location: Cupboard CC (Awards 2) [Main Store]

United States Of America
Department of Transportation - Federal Aviation Administration
Supplemental Type Certificate

Number ST00858LA

This certificate issued to
Marconi Astronics Inc.
8510 I54th Avenue NE
Redmond WA 98052

certifies that the change in type design for the following product with the limitations and conditions therefore as specified herein meets the airworthiness requirements of Part 25* of the Federal Aviation Regulations. *Certification basis is set forth in Type Certificate Data Sheet.

Original Product Type Certificate
Number: A16WE
Make: Boeing Company
Model: 737-800 Series

Description of Type Design
Change: Installation of the Marconi HUD 2020 Head Up Display (HUD) on the Boeing B737-800 airplane in accordance with FAA approved Master Drawing List No. 560/75569, Revision "H", dated October 14, 1999, or later FAA approved revision. FAA approved Marconi Avionics Airplane Flight Manual Supplement to the Boeing Model B737-800 Series Airplane Flight Manual, Document No. 560/75562, are required as part of this installation.

Limitations and Conditions: This installation should not be incorporated in any aircraft unless it is determined that the interrelationship between this installation and any previously approved configuration will not introduce any adverse effect upon the airworthiness of the aircraft. STC No. ST00830LA must be installed prior to this installation on each airplane. If the holder agrees to permit another person to use this certificate to alter the product, the holder shall give the other person written evidence of that permission.

This cerrtificate and the supporting data which is the basis for approval shall remain in effect until surrendered, suspended, revoked or a termination date is otherwise established by the Administrator.

Date of application: September 27, 1998
Date off issuance: OCT 15 1999
of the Federal Aviation Administration

By direction of the Administrator
Manager, Systems and Equipment Branch
Los Angles Aircraft Certification Office

Any alteration of this certificate is punishable by a fine of not exceeding $1,000, or imprisonment not exceeding 3 years, or both.
FAA Form 8140-2(10-69) Page 1 of 1 This certificate may be transferred in accordance with FAR 21.47.


A Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is a Type Certificate (TC) issued when an applicant has received Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) approval to modify an aircraft from its original design. The STC, which incorporates by reference the related TC, approves not only the modification but also how that modification affects the original design.

This is a Supplemental Type Certificate issued to Honeywell giving authority from the FAA to install the HUD 2020™ system on the Boeing B737-800 airplane. The STC was issued on October 15th 1999.

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