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Buccaneer Strike Sight Alignment Telescope

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0010
Category: Head-Up Display [HUD]
Object Type: Test Equipment
Object Name: Buccaneer Strike Sight Alignment Telescope
Part No: 8B/5011
Serial No: 507770
Manufacturer: Elliott Automation
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): Buccaneer
Year of Manufacture: 1970
Dimensions: Width (mm): 308
Height (mm): 177
Depth (mm): 275
Weight (g): 6,480
Location: Rack RAA07 [Main Store]

Strike Sight Display and Recorder
1st Line Test Equipment
Ref No 8B/5011
Serial No 507770
Strike Sight Alignment Telescope
Ref. No. 8B/4521
Serial No.
Mod. Record -
Ref. No. 8B/4830
Held for ADD Calibration
Contact L Chater Ext 3663
NA39 (Buccaneer)


The given dimensions are for the Alignment Telescope in its protective case. The telescope alone is 130 x 230 x 356 mm, 1,476g.

The Buccaneer Pilot's Display Unit was an element of the Strike Sight System; the weapon aiming and release system. The PDU was aligned to the aircraft axes using an alignment telescope which was sighted on a remote target board. The aircraft was levelled and the alignment offset read from an elevation and azimuth vernier. The Test Equipment was initially only intended to have one 1st and one 2nd Line Test Set. Every 1st Line Test Set was weather sealed in a cast aluminium box with "scupper holes" so that any water that might land on it would drain away. Each of the units was put through a dunking test to ensure that it was watertight.

Another alignment Fixture is also described in "The Avionics Story: The Buccaneer S2, RN and RAF" by Alex W Duncan. This is called the Periscope Strike Sight Alignment Jig. This unit was designed to fit onto the three alignment spigots that located the Nose Section of the Aircraft when it was brought back into line. It carried two Collimators, the upper was used to align the Head-Up Display the Aircraft Centreline, and the lower to align the Strike Sight Gyro Unit.

This item was found in 2004.

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