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Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1801
Category: Vintage and Antique
Object Type: Indicator/Instrument
Object Name: Galvanometer
Part No: None
Serial No: None
Manufacturer: India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Company
Year of Manufacture: circa 1910
Dimensions: Width (mm): 0
Height (mm): 0
Depth (mm): 0
Weight (g): 0
Location: Cupboard CI (Display 4) [Main Store]



A Telegraph Lineman's Galvanometer made by the India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Co at Telegraph Works Silvertown, London.
The Galvanometer was a very sensitive type of sensitive ammeter used for detecting electric current. It is an analogue electromechanical actuator that produces a rotary deflection of the pointer in response to electric current through its coil in a magnetic field.

Galvanometers were the first instruments used to detect and measure electric currents and were used to detect signals from long submarine cables,

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