Vintage and Antique The Collection

This category is for objects that are dated back to the early days of Elliott Bros or other companies . Antique is usually used for items over 100 years old and Vintage for items not quite that old.
Object Name Cat No Object Type Year
Speed Indicator C0510 Test Equipment circa 1909
Binoculars C0645 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1900
Ruler C0799 Stationery/Office Items Unknown
Pocket Altimeter C0939 Indicator/Instrument 1915
Speedometer 0-60 C1465 Indicator/Instrument circa 1920
Speedometer 0-80 C1468 Indicator/Instrument circa 1920
Wimperis Accelerometer C1497 Indicator/Instrument circa 1936
Verners Pattern VIII Prismatic Compass C1713 Indicator/Instrument 1917
Verner Cavalry Sketch Board C1714 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Ivory Protractor C1715 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Ivory Sector C1716 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Telescope C1717 Display Unit Unknown
Galvanometer C1723 Indicator/Instrument 1905
Draughting Set C1724 Stationery/Office Items Unknown
Compass C1725 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Compass C1726 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Aneroid Barometer C1742 Indicator/Instrument circa 1870
Aneroid Barometer C1743 Indicator/Instrument circa 1909
Clinometer. C1748 Indicator/Instrument circa 1870
Aneroid Barometer C1749 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Antique Letter Balance C1750 Indicator/Instrument circa 1860
Plan Chest C1753 Stationery/Office Items 1935
Hand Held Aneroid Barometer C1797 Indicator/Instrument circa 1895
Gunnery Instrument C1798 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Barometer/Weather Finder C1799 Indicator/Instrument circa 1915
Ship's Log Sand Timer C1800 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Galvanometer C1801 Indicator/Instrument circa 1910
Spring Scale C1802 Test Equipment Unknown
Draughting Set C1803 Stationery/Office Items Unknown
Magnifier clip C1805 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Button Hook and Leather stitch marking tool. C1806 Unknown Unknown
Marching Compass C1807 Indicator/Instrument Unknown