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Data Entry Unit

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0230
Category: Mission Systems
Object Type: Data Storage
Object Name: Data Entry Unit
Part No: 047-006-01A
Serial No: 0115
Manufacturer: GEC-Marconi Avionics
Division: Instrument Systems [ISD]
Platform(s): Tornado
Year of Manufacture: 1996
Dimensions: Width (mm): 80
Height (mm): 150
Depth (mm): 170
Weight (g): 1,260
Location: Grey Dexion Shelf Unit [Main Store]

GEC Marconi Avionics Ltd
Data Entry Unit
Part 047-006-01A
Ser 0115
Code K0656


This is the Tornado cockpit Data Entry Unit which has a drawer for the Transfer Data Module TDM (C0231, C0559) data cartridge and provides the interface to the aircraft systems. The drawer for the TDM has 12 round glass-windowed photo-transistors, interspersed with light emitting diodes to form a 12-bit (Read Only) electro-optical data interface that is more rugged than normal mechanical electrical connectors (See picture in C0231). This interface structure can be seen more clearly on the TDM.
This unit is missing its door/cartridge latch.

Mission planning was once carried out with the aid of paper maps but modern military aircraft have sophisticated navigation and attack systems and film or digital map displays. An aircraft’s mission is planned on the ground at a workstation  now called  an Advanced Mission Planning Aid (AMPA).
Currently Tornado missions are planned manually, and a cassette preparation ground station (CPGS) is used to load the plan on to a cassette which is taken to the aircraft and downloaded into the mission computer via the voice recorder. While the plan is being prepared the aircraft waits, armed and ready to go.
Apart from the route and waypoints information on threats, Radio/Nav settings, Weapons settings, terrain and flight profile are just some of the information a pilot might need for a successful mission.
Although it cannot be verified at present it is likely that these units were made by Powerplant Systems Division.

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