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Set of PCBs from Tornado PMD Test Set.

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1774
Category: Mission Systems
Object Type: Module/Sub-Assembly/Component
Object Name: Set of PCBs from Tornado PMD Test Set.
Part No: Various
Serial No: Various
Manufacturer: GEC-Ferranti
Platform(s): Tornado
Year of Manufacture: 1987
Dimensions: Width (mm): 0
Height (mm): 0
Depth (mm): 0
Weight (g): 0
Location: Rack RAA03 [Main Store]



Set of 17 PCBs from the Test Set for the Tornado Projected Map Display.
The PCB's are listed below:

PCB Name Part No. Ser. No.
Receiver, Digital Data 3892/72912 173
Converter, Sine-Cosine 3892/72903 907
Driver Transmitter 3892/72511 1297
Transmitter, Digital Data 3892/72916/A 791
Store, Analog x2 3892/72901 2486
Store, Digital Display 3892/72910 905
Driver, Lamp Changer 3892/77810 2770
Amplifier, EC Output 3892/72909/A 2891
Driver, Digital Display 3892/72911 4603
Demodulator, Analog Store 3892/72904 1929
Control Convertor 3892/72515/A 1940
Selector, Digital data 3892/72518 1637
Amplifier, Error (Y) 3892/72905/A 2841
Amplifier, Error (X) 3892/72907/A 2903
Amplifier, (E.C.) 3892/72516 2953
Converter, Digital to Digital 3892/72513 1905

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