Mission Systems The Collection

Object Name Cat No Object Type Year
Data Entry Unit C0230 Data Storage 1996
Data Transfer Cartridge (DTC) C0559 Data Storage Unknown
Data Transfer Unit (DTU) C0558 Data Storage Unknown
Display Power Switching Assembly (DPSA) C1649 Power Supply/Conditioner circa 1998
LCD Assembly for Radar and Map Display Processor C1754 Display Unit circa 2009
Low Voltage Power Supply Unit C1668 Power Supply/Conditioner circa 1985
Mission System Computer C1151 Signal/Data Processor 2004
Mission System Computer C1152 Signal/Data Processor 2004
PCB Module C1772 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 2007
PMD Screen Module C1671 Display Unit circa 1985
Radar and Map Display Processor C1830 Display Unit circa 2004
Radar and Map Display Processor C1634 Display Unit 2004
Servo Amp Circuit Module C0700 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
Set of PCBs from Tornado PMD Test Set. C1774 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1987
TDM Assembly C0231 Data Storage Unknown
Video Mux Module C1771 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 2008