Vehicles/Platforms The Collection

Although the Collection does not possess full-scale examples of vehicles or platforms, it does have items that primarily represent or concern them, rather than the items fitted to them.
Object Name Cat No Object Type Year
A-10 Model (large) C0249 Model Unknown
A-7 Model (large) C0250 Model Unknown
Airbus 380 model in British Airways livery C1258 Model Unknown
AMX Model C0247 Model Unknown
BAC 146 C1384 Model circa 1995
Boeing 777 model C0785 Model Unknown
Boeing 777 model in British Airways livery C1257 Model 1991
Buccaneer Aircraft C0666 Model circa 1961
Concorde Aircraft (die cast model) C1217 Model Unknown
Concorde Model in British Airways livery C1256 Model Unknown
F-16 Circular Cloth Badge C1732 Medal/Badge circa 2009
F-16 LCD Key Fob C1734 Promotional Item circa 2009
F-16 Model (large) C0251 Model Unknown
F-16 Model (small) C0248 Model Unknown
F-16 Rectangular Cloth Badge C1733 Medal/Badge circa 2009
HybriDrive® Demonstrator Bus, 1:76 Model C1265 Promotional Item 2010
HybriDrive® Metroline Bus, 1:76 Model C1264 Promotional Item 2009
Jaguar FBW Model C0246 Model Unknown
Mil Mi-24D Assault Helicopter Gunship C0854 Model Unknown
Mil Mi-24D Attack Helicopter - NATO Code "Hind D" C1385 Model Unknown
Model of Hawk Trainer. C0698 Model Unknown
Model of Super Lynx C1406 Model circa 2001
Nimrod AEW Model C1367 Model Unknown
Phoenix Beech Propeller C1032 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1989
Phoenix Propeller C0938 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1989
Phoenix Propeller C0527 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1989
Predator UAV Model C0696 Model circa 1998
RAE Helicopter Rotor Research Sticker C1388 Promotional Item circa 1965
VC10 1101 Model C1246 Model Unknown
Veteran Vehicle in GEC Marconi Livery C1263 Promotional Item circa 1980