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Haskett Trophy

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0778
Category: Personal/Personnel
Object Type: Trophy/Award
Object Name: Haskett Trophy
Part No: None
Serial No: None
Manufacturer: Unknown
Division: Unknown
Year of Manufacture: 1977
Dimensions: Width (mm): 202
Height (mm): 212
Depth (mm): 253
Weight (g): 3,560
Location: Cupboard CC (Awards 2) [Main Store]

Haskett Trophy
1977: G Brown, D. Carron, A Gallagher, B. Halsall, R Loveless
1978: A J Fordham, M.D. Stephenson, W. A. J. Waller
Measuring wing-mounted pod orientation (PLOD-FLEX sensor system)
1980: A. R. Dicey, A. J. Fordham, D. G. Steward
New method of using computers in the design of the very latest type of pilot's display.
1981: E. H. Oetzmann
Updates to LAPADS to enable aircraft to locate submarines more quickly.
1982: M. L. Busbridge
A Moving Map Facility for Malfunction Displays - a Practical Solution.
1983: R. D. Beasley, M. P. Earl
1984: D. Salvage, N.G. Wright, C. L. Wisdom, D. J. Buchanan
1985 K. P. Dawson, A. M. Lenton, M. A. Stimson, C. C. Whyton, M. P. Earl and F. Faulkner, D. T. Humphreys
1986: A. J. Fordham, A Taylor and K. N. Norton, J. R. Little
1987: M. J. Ewer, K. Harvey, A. A. Cameron


The Haskett Trophy was presented from 1977 to 1990 in memory of Fred Haskett who was for many years an executive of the company. Fred joined the Company in 1955 as a Sales Engineer specialising in the Engine Instrument business and rose to the position of Divisional Manager for the business he generated and built up. He later became Company Marketing Manager a position he held until his untimely death in 1975. Throughout his career Fred Haskett strongly supported and encouraged innovative ideas from young engineers. In 1977 Mrs Sarah Haskett donated the trophy which bears his name, in memory of her late husband and his service to the Company. Since then this trophy has been awarded for the innovative engineering designs which are judged most likely to lead to improved and more competitive products.

The trophy is machined from solid aluminium (which accounts for its substantial weight!) and patterned with blue and clear anodising. There are spaces around its plinth for four more winner's plaques.

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