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Peter Carrington Award

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1188
Category: Personal/Personnel
Object Type: Trophy/Award
Object Name: Peter Carrington Award
Part No: None
Serial No: None
Manufacturer: Unknown
Division: Unknown
Year of Manufacture: 2006
Dimensions: Width (mm): 50
Height (mm): 80
Depth (mm): 50
Weight (g): 460
Location: Cupboard CB (Awards 1) [Main Store]

Peter Carrington
Engineering Excellence Award


Peter Carrington worked as a Systems Engineer on the design of signal processing techniques and algorithms for AQS-901. In 1979 he was promoted to Chief Systems Engineer as the Division expanded from the single project of AQS-901 to take on the AQS-902 and AQS-903 developments. The introduction of new technology allowed many of the processing methods developed on 901 to be implemented with better performance, in much smaller volume and at lower cost, taking the Division into the helicopter market and the export business, particularly with the AQS-902 system.
He became the Technical Manager in April 1984 and the subsequent developments of AQS-902 and 903 established the Division as the world leaders in sonobuoy processing. This was recognised in 1983 when MASD was awarded the Queens Award for Industry major orders for EH101 began to flow in. By 1988 Peter was in MASD in a Business Development role leading a team of analysts and responsible for computerization, Development Appropriations (DA’s), future products, indirect budget, marketing support and proposals. In 1993 he led the unsuccessful bid of the Bell AH-1 for the UK Army Attack Helicopter. In early 1996 he led the bid for the sonics system on the Replacement Maritime Patrol Aircraft (RMPA). RMPA was a bid to replace Nimrod with an upgrade of the Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion called Orion 2000.
Peter was killed in a tragic accident in Chatham in 2004
In 2005 Peter Carrington’s widow and BAE Systems inaugurated an award for Engineering Excellence and this is presented each year. There is also a career achievement award given annually to a person who has made a lifelong and significant contribution to Company. The theme of all the awards is a globe.

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