Personal/Personnel The Collection

This category is for items relating to named individuals or anonymous personal items that have been presented to ALL employees of a company, division, department or group of individuals to mark significant events or achievements.
Object Name Cat No Object Type Year
Slide Rule C0279 Stationery/Office Items Unknown
Finnish Defence Forces Plaque C0706 Plaque/Certificate 1991
Chairman's Award for Innovation Lapel Badge C0710 Medal/Badge Unknown
Chairman's Bronze Award Pen for 2004 C0713 Trophy/Award 2004
Queen's Award Mug C0737 Trophy/Award 2002
AM-X FBW Tie C0762 Promotional Item circa 1986
EAP Tie C0763 Promotional Item circa 1980
GEC Avionics LSA Tie C0764 Promotional Item 1984
GSD Tie C0765 Promotional Item circa 1968
Queen's Award Tie C0766 Promotional Item Unknown
SCADC ATS Tie C0767 Promotional Item circa 1985
TACD Tie C0768 Promotional Item circa 1965
Tornado Tie C0769 Promotional Item circa 1980
Tornado ADV Tie C0770 Promotional Item circa 1985
Tornado MRCA Tie C0771 Promotional Item circa 1980
VC10 Tie C0772 Promotional Item circa 1970
Haskett Trophy C0778 Trophy/Award 1977
Suggestion Scheme Shield C0863 Plaque/Certificate 1983
DCMC Award to Sue Wood C0868 Plaque/Certificate 1999
Slide Rule for Control Valve Sizing C0920 Stationery/Office Items 1967
GMAv LSA Tie C1091 Promotional Item 1993
Peter Carrington Award C1188 Trophy/Award 2006
Rochester Award to Allan Dowdy C1224 Trophy/Award 2009
GEC Swimming Club Medal C1239 Medal/Badge Unknown
GEC Swimming Club Medal C1240 Medal/Badge Unknown
Peter Carrington Award C1278 Trophy/Award 2005
Peter Carrington Award C1279 Trophy/Award 2007
E&IS Engineering Award C1282 Trophy/Award 2008
Ruler C1386 Stationery/Office Items circa 1965
Office Intercom System C1469 Stationery/Office Items Unknown
Promotional item for personal motivation C1494 Promotional Item circa 1994
Concorde Stamps (first-day cover) C1604 Stationery/Office Items 1969
Bone China Thimble C1615 Promotional Item circa 2003
Concorde Luggage Labels C1712 Unknown Unknown
Flying Helmet with Oxygen mask and Goggles. C1746 Unknown circa 1950
F-16 Tie. C1770 Promotional Item Unknown
Desk Clock C1788 Trophy/Award circa 1988
Long Service Award to Mr R E W Marshall C1791 Plaque/Certificate 1988
Fan ornament made of Welsh slate C1808 Model Unknown