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MIG21 Radio Altimeter Antenna Mounting

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0681
Category: Radio Communication/Sensing
Object Type: Sensor/Transducer
Object Name: MIG21 Radio Altimeter Antenna Mounting
Part No: None
Serial No: None
Manufacturer: Superform Metals
Division: Unknown
Platform(s): MiG-21
Year of Manufacture: Unknown
Dimensions: Width (mm): 102
Height (mm): 42
Depth (mm): 490
Weight (g): 266
Location: Rack RAA06 [Main Store]

Non-Certified Sample
Item for product evaluation purposes only
Superform Metals Ltd.


A radar altimeter, or radio altimeter (RADALT), used on aircraft, measures altitude above the terrain presently beneath an aircraft by timing how long it takes a beam of radio waves to reflect from the ground and return to the plane. This type of altimeter provides the distance between the antenna and the ground directly below it, in contrast to a barometric altimeter which provides the distance above a defined datum, usually mean sea level. Radar altimeters are used in military aircraft to fly quite low over the land and the sea to avoid radar detection and targeting by anti-aircraft guns or surface-to-air missiles.
The antenna housing will be a flush fitting item usually marked with a ‘Do not paint’ legend.

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