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Radio Control Unit

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1179
Category: Radio Communication/Sensing
Object Type: Control/Data Entry
Object Name: Radio Control Unit
Part No: 630/1/37853/010
Serial No: 0227
Manufacturer: Plessey
Division: Avionics & Communications [Plessey]
Platform(s): Merlin AW101 (EH101)
Year of Manufacture: circa 1996
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Weight (g):
Location: Triple Shelf Unit M (control panels) [Main Store]

Control Radio Station
PV1753 L (Manual)
NATO No. 5821-99-652-0259
Serial No. 0227
Mod. Record -
Lighting Colour Red
This equip contains
static sensitive devices
consult servicing manual
Marconi Electronic Systems
Customer Support Group UK


The ESD1753N is the Manual controller option from the ESD1741 lightweight V.H.F. military airborne transceiver. The system is designed to provide high-reliability air-to-air and air-to-ground communications in all types of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft and is intended primarily for air traffic control use.
The equipment consists of two units, the transceiver and the control unit. Two alternative control units are available which either provide manual selection only of frequency or manual selection of frequency plus 30 preset channels. Both control units incorporate a built-in test equipment facility to check output power, modulation depth, and receiver sensitivity. A non-volatile store is used to provide the preset channel memory.
The ESD1741 is designed such that it can control two transceivers, one V.H.F. and the other U.H.F.
Power for the transmitter and control unit is taken from the aircraft +28V d .c. supply.
The Brochure D0420 states that the equipment came from GEC-Marconi Radar and Defence Systems at Portsmouth and is dated 1996 suggesting that the equipment is at Rochester either for the Nimrod or Merlin programmes. Another source suggests that the PV1753 number is a Plessey number.

Manual controller (ESD1753N): (The dimensions in the Brochure differ from those actually measured)
Width: 146.05mm
Height: 47.6mm
Depth: 100.25mm (excluding front panel controls and rear connector)

This panel was part of the 21 series VHF communications and VOR/ILS equipment introduced in about 1959. New design features included the use of transistors and printed circuits resulting in an overall reduction in size and weight of at least 40lb per aircraft for the whole system. With a total weight of only 57 lb, this installation was the lightest. most compact equipment of its type in production.

The system provides 560 channels with 50 kilocycle spacing. Down draught cooling is unnecessary, make this installation invaluable to modern airline operators and aircraft manufacturers.The equipment was made under licence from The Bendix Aviation Corporation U.S.A. and is totally interchangeable with the Bendix American manufactured system.

Radio Control unit in general provides VHF and/or UHF frequency selection by means of continuous selection or it may also have preset channels. The frequency and channel will be displayed by a legend through a window on the older units or by an electronic display on later units. There may be a volume control and built-in-test.

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