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Proximity Sensor

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C1507
Category: Stores/Weapon Management
Object Type: Sensor/Transducer
Object Name: Proximity Sensor
Part No: 612/1/43110
Serial No: 15534/90
Manufacturer: Plessey
Division: Unknown
Year of Manufacture: 1990
Dimensions: Width (mm): 213
Height (mm): 213
Depth (mm): 182
Weight (g): 1,763
Location: Main Store

Plessey Avionics
Proximity Sensor Operational
Serial No. 15534/90
NATO No 1325-99-736-8422
[accompanying card]
Module No | Serial No | Mod State
612/1/43110 | 15534/90 | -
419/1/76852 | 17301 | -
419/1/76850 | 14887 | -
612/1/46117 | 11452 | -


This object is traceable through its NSN as the Proximity Sensor for a UK weapon. A proximity fuse is a fuse that detonates an explosive device automatically when the distance to the target becomes smaller than a predetermined value. Proximity fuses are designed for targets such as planes, missiles, ships at sea, and ground forces. They provide a more sophisticated trigger mechanism than the common contact fuze or timed fuze. Radio frequency sensing is the main sensing principle for artillery shells.
It is unknown why this item was found at Rochester since no products of this type have ever been made at the site. There was a Fuze Division but it was moved from Rochester during the 1970’s and this object is dated from 1990.

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