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Weapon Data Insertion Panel

Technical Information

Catalogue No: C0149
Category: Stores/Weapon Management
Object Type: Control/Data Entry
Object Name: Weapon Data Insertion Panel
Part No: 067-103-01
Serial No: MAI001
Manufacturer: GEC Avionics
Division: Airborne Display [ADD]
Platform(s): F-5
Year of Manufacture: 1985
Dimensions: Width (mm): 145
Height (mm): 47
Depth (mm): 100
Weight (g): 450
Location: Triple Shelf Unit, Mid (control panels) [Main Store]

Part No. 067-103-01
Dsgn Act 33827
GEC Avionics, Atlanta, GA
Mfr 33827
Contr No.
Serial No. MAI001
33827 Assy 067-103003-01
33827 Assy D67-103002-01
Ser No MAI001


This panel is part of a HUD Weapon Aiming System and is used to load the details of the munitions known as ‘Stores’ on the aircraft .The weapons are loaded C/L Centreline, I/B Inboard, O/B Outboard or TIP (?). The little panel also has failure indicators for the HUD Electronics Unit, the Pilot’s Display Unit and the WDIP itself with a reset button.
This was possible used for an F-5 upgrade for the F-5 in Thailand but there were several other such upgrades.

A Stores Management System (SMS) is used to manage the weapons and other supplies attached to a military aircraft. The pilot uses the SMS to programme the selected weapon for each master mode, load stores into the inventory (tell the airplane what stores are loaded), enter weapon release data, activate loaded weapons, monitor weapons load and status, and control selective jettison.

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