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Research Reports

Technical Information

Catalogue No: D0754
Document Type: Books
Topic: Divisional
Title: Research Reports
Author: P.Wilde and P.D Boyer
Company: Elliott Bros (London) Ltd
Date: 1953
Pages: 30
Copies: 3
Location: Cupboard DB (Docs) [RAeS Office]

The three dark blue Research Reports are concerned with Poppet Valve Tests. Elliotts were manufacturing Oil control Valves under licence from the Fisher Governor Company of Iowa. The Reports were donated to the RAA and are an example of how such documents were produced before the ubiquitous PC. The hand drawn and tinted drawing is particularly fine work.
The grey book is a blank one but each volume has a unique number, in this case 4637


Each book has a unique number; in this case the three used books are 1613, 1615 and 1554. The unused book is 4637

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