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This is a small archive with no particular relevance to Elliotts but nevertheless it contains some interesting books of a technical nature or on aircraft and flight. Books include a truly fascinating Royal Flying Corps Pilot Cadets handbook from pre WWI. There is an even earlier book by Claude Graham-White and an amazingly futuristic book on Automation by Leon Bagrit.
Title Cat No Topic Year
A History of Aerial Warfare D0304 Aircraft, manned 1974
Aircraft Calculations D0305 Aircraft, manned 1942
The Airframe and Engine Fitter's Manual D0306 Aircraft, manned 1943
Testing Years D0307 Aircraft, manned 1980
United Kingdom Air Arms 2004 D0308 Aircraft, manned 2004
United Kingdom Air Arms 2006 D0309 Aircraft, manned 2006
Granada Guides - Airliners D0310 Aircraft, manned 1982
Airshipwreck D0311 Aircraft, manned 1978
British Aircraft Armament: Vol 2 Guns & Gunsights 1914 to present date D0312 Gunsight 1994
Aviation Record Breakers D0313 Aircraft, manned 1988
Aviation Museums of Britain D0314 Aircraft, manned 1995
Aviation Museums of Britain - New Edition D0315 Aircraft, manned 1998
The Hamlyn Concise Guide to British Aircraft of World War II D0316 Aircraft, manned 1997
Aircraft Display Systems D0317 Flight Control 2004
Images of Aviation: Croydon Airport D0318 Sites / Facilities 2004
An Introductory Course of Continuous Current Engineering D0319 Generic or Unknown 1918
Test Pilot D0320 Aircraft, manned 1953
Diamonds in the Sky - A Social History of Air Travel D0321 Personal / Personnel 1979
Display Systems - Design and Applications D0322 Displays Unknown
AGARD Conference Proceedings No. 167 on Electronic Airborne Displays D0323 Displays Dec 1975
The World's First Aeroplane Flights D0324 Aircraft, manned Unknown
From Moths to Merlins: The Story of West Malling Airfield D0325 Aircraft, manned 1987
Civil Aircraft Markings 2008 D0326 Aircraft, manned 2008
There Shall Be Wings D0327 Aircraft, manned 1993
Instrument Makers to the World D0328 Aircraft, manned 1992
I Kept No diary D0329 Aircraft, manned 1978
Halifax and Wellington D0330 Aircraft, manned 1994
Great Aircraft of the World D0331 Aircraft, manned 1998
Ferranti GSA Gun Sight D0332 Gunsight 1983
Marconi's Atlantic Leap D0333 Historic 2000
The Aeroplane Speaks D0334 Aircraft, manned 1917
The Legend of Honeywell D0335 Manufacturing 1995
Military Aircraft Markings 2008 D0336 Aircraft, manned 2008
Sabre to Stealth D0337 Aircraft, manned 1997
Range and Vision: the First 11 Years of Barr & Stroud D0338 Displays 1988
The Royal Air Force in Colour D0339 Aircraft, manned 1988
A Lighter Shade of Blue D0340 Personal / Personnel 1978
Seeing Colours D0341 Generic or Unknown 1960
Seaplanes and Flying Boats D0342 Aircraft, manned 1980
Sheila Scott - A Biography D0343 Personal / Personnel 1990
Smiths Industries at Cheltenham D0344 Manufacturing 1990
Survey of Chinese Aviation Industry 1989/1990 D0345 Manufacturing 1989
Weinstock: The Life and Times of Britain's Premier Industrialist D0346 Personal / Personnel 1999
"WE" D0347 Personal / Personnel 1927
Test Flight D0348 Aircraft, manned 1956
Prelude to War - Kent Aviation 1938-39 D0349 Historic Unknown
Empire Air Day D0350 Historic 1939
Daily Express Air Day D0351 Historic 1938
Farnborough International 1998 D0352 Historic 1998
Duxford - Museum Guide Book D0353 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Spitfire and Hurricane Tribute - RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight D0354 Aircraft, manned 1986
Memorial Flight 2004 D0355 Historic 2004
RAF Strike Command - Britain's Armed Forces Today: 1 D0356 Aircraft, manned 1984
UK Air Power - Britain's Total Assets D0357 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Battle of Britain Year Book D0358 Historic 1990
Battle of Britain Week - Souvenir Programme D0359 Historic 1950
Early Birds - A short history of how flight came to Sheppey D0360 Historic Unknown
Bygone Kent D0361 Historic Unknown
Battle Over kent D0362 Historic 2008
Flying D0363 Generic or Unknown 1978
Surrey Airfields of the Second World War D0364 Historic 1998
Voices in the Air D0365 Historic 1985
On a Wing and a Prayer D0366 Historic 2008
The First Croydon Airport D0367 Historic 1977
Croydon Airport and the Battle for Britain 1939-1940 D0368 Historic 1984
Wings Over Brooklands D0369 Historic 1981
Rockets & Jets D0370 Historic 1952
Sound Barrier D0371 Aircraft, manned 1954
The Men Who Fly: Nelson's Aeroscience Manuals D0372 Aircraft, manned 1944
English Electric Canberra D0373 Aircraft, manned 1984
Aeronautics: Handbook of Collections Illustrating Heavier-Than-Air Aircraft D0374 Generic or Unknown 1935
Spitfires Over the Arakan D0375 Aircraft, manned 1988
BAC Lightning: Modern Combat Aircraft 5 D0376 Aircraft, manned 1982
V2 D0377 Missile / Torpedo Unknown
The Hovercraft Story D0378 Generic or Unknown 1970
6 Squadron: 90th Anniversary 1914-2004 D0379 Historic 2004
Royal Auxillary Air Force: 1999 Year Book D0380 Historic 1999
The Squadrons of the RAF and Commonwealth 1918-1988 D0381 Historic 1988
Plane Speaking D0382 Aircraft, manned 1991
The Story of Air Fighting D0383 Aircraft, manned 1987
Glossary of Terms used in Electrical Engineering D0384 Generic or Unknown 1955
Field Artillery and Firepower D0385 Missile / Torpedo 1987
Air Accident Investigation D0386 Generic or Unknown 2001
"__so few" D0387 Historic 1992
Vickers VC10 D0388 Aircraft, manned 2000
Modern Combat Aircraft from Fighters to Battlefield Helicopters D0389 Aircraft, manned 1983
Dynamics of Helicopter Flight D0390 Rotary Wing 1975
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation: Recording the History of Flight D0392 Aircraft, manned 1993
Jane's Fighting Ships 1983-84 D0393 Maritime Platform / Vessel 1984
An Illustrated History of the R.A.F D0394 Historic 1990
Modern Combat Aircraft D0395 Aircraft, manned 1985
The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Aircraft D0396 Aircraft, manned 1978
F-16 Fighting Falcon D0397 Aircraft, manned 1983
Fighters: Modern Military Techniques D0398 Aircraft, manned 1986
The Encyclopaedia of Aircraft D0438 Aircraft, manned 2004
A Notebook of Mathematics D0439 Generic or Unknown 1947
Eagle Book of Aircraft D0440 Aircraft, manned 1954
The Wright Brothers D0442 Historic 1968
Basic Technical Electricity D0443 Generic or Unknown 1960
Mathematics for Engineers D0444 Generic or Unknown 1946
Brassey's Unmanned aircraft D0445 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] 1979
Brassey's Unmanned Aircraft Volume 3 D0446 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] 1988
World Unmanned Aircraft D0447 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] 1988
Kent At War D0450 Historic Unknown
Avionic Systems D0451 Displays 1989
Record Breakers - Air D0452 Aircraft, manned 1977
First of the Many D0453 Historic 1969
Engineer's Mini-Notebook Op-Amp Circuits D0454 Generic or Unknown 1987
Fight for the Skies D0455 Historic Unknown
Pathfinder D0456 Historic 1972
Vulcan 607 D0457 Aircraft, manned 2006
Concorde D0458 Aircraft, manned 2000
Reaching for the Skies D0459 Historic 1988
Colonel Cody and the Flying Cathedral D0460 Historic 1999
The Magic of a Name. The Rolls Royce Story. Part 1: The first 40 years. D0461 Historic 2000
The Magic of a Name. The Rolls Royce Story. Part 2: The Power Behind the Jets D0462 Historic 2001
The Magic of a Name. The Rolls Royce Story Part 3: The Family of Engines D0463 Historic 2002
Roof of the World D0464 Historic 1983
A Career in the Aerospace Industry (1962-2008) D0465 Personal / Personnel 2011
The Right of the Line: The Royal Air Force in the European War 1939-1945 D0466 Historic 1985
Barnes Wallis Biography D0467 Personal / Personnel 1972
Automatic Flight Controls D0468 Flight Control 1979
Farnborough The Story of the RAE D0469 Historic 1980
Laboratory of the Air: The Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough D0470 Historic 1948
Panavia Tornado D0471 Aircraft, manned 1980
Test Flying in Lancashire D0472 Aircraft, manned 2012
Before Amelia: Women pilots in the early days of Aviation. D0473 Historic 2002
Biggin on the Bump D0474 Historic 1990
Wilfred Freeman D0475 Personal / Personnel 1999
From Bouncing Bombs to Concorde D0476 Personal / Personnel 2006
Freddy Stringer: Flying Boffin D0477 Personal / Personnel 2005
The Conquest of the Air: The Romance of Aerial Navigation D0478 Historic 1902
Aviation D0479 Historic 1912
Oh, for the Wings of a Moth D0480 Personal / Personnel 1999
Mad About Flying D0481 Historic 2003
The Wright Brothers D0482 Historic 2003
Genesis of the Jet D0483 Aircraft, manned 1996
Not Much of an Engineer D0484 Personal / Personnel 1984
The Great Days D0485 Historic 1980
Brooklands: Cradle of British Motor Racing and Aviation D0486 Historic 1988
CFS Birthplace of Air Power D0487 Historic 1987
The Age of Automation: The Reith Lectures 1964 D0488 Historic 1964
Reach for the Sky: The story of Douglas Bader D0489 Historic 1954
Sagittarius Rising D0490 Historic 1993
Corsairville D0491 Historic 2000
Jane's Avionics 1983-84 D0492 Generic or Unknown 1983
Jane's Avionics 1984-85 D0493 Generic or Unknown 1984
Jane's Avionics 1985-86 D0494 Generic or Unknown 1985
Jane's Avionics 1986-87 D0495 Generic or Unknown 1986
Jane's Avionics 1987-88 D0496 Generic or Unknown 1987
Jane's Avionics 1988-89 D0497 Generic or Unknown 1988
Jane's Avionics 1989-90 D0498 Generic or Unknown 1989
Jane's Avionics 1990-91 D0499 Generic or Unknown 1990
Jane's Avionics 1991-92 D0500 Generic or Unknown 1991
Jane's Avionics 1992-93 D0501 Generic or Unknown 1992
Jane's Avionics 1993-94 D0502 Generic or Unknown 1993
Jane's Avionics 1994-95 D0503 Generic or Unknown 1994
Jane's Avionics 2005-2006 D0504 Generic or Unknown 2005
Jane's Surface Skimmer Systems 1967-68 D0505 Generic or Unknown 1967
Modern Military Aircraft D0506 Aircraft, manned 1979
Pilot's Notes Lightning F Mk.3 D0592 Aircraft, manned Apr 1965
Glossary of Aeronautical Terms D0593 Generic or Unknown 1951
Standard Aircraft Handbook D0594 Generic or Unknown 1979
Farnborough/66 D0595 Corporate / Business 1966
Marconi - A War Record D0596 Corporate / Business 1946
Control Engineers' Handbook D0597 Generic or Unknown 1958
British Aerospace A Souvenir of the Weybridge Heritage Years D0598 Historic Unknown
The Battle of Britain D0609 Historic Unknown
AIRCRAFT D0619 Aircraft, manned 1967
Wiring Diagram Manual D0715 Flight Control Jan 1960
Product book of Flight Controls D0716 Flight Control Unknown
Technical Manual for BAC1-11 D0717 Flight Control circa 1960
AS&R Scrapbooks (Set of 3) D0718 Maintenance and Support 1960
Mathematics for Technical Students (Part II) D0719 Historic 1953
Illustrated History of The RAF. D0751 Historic 1991
Aeroplane Scrapbook D0753 Aircraft, manned circa 1938
Research Reports D0754 Divisional 1953
The Age of Automation: The Reith Lectures 1964 D0779 Historic 1964