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Data Aquisition and Recorder Unit, ESD1584 (crash recorder)

Technical Information

Catalogue No: D0399
Document Type: Brochures
Topic: Data Storage
Title: Data Aquisition and Recorder Unit, ESD1584 (crash recorder)
Company: GEC-Marconi
Division: Electronic Systems
Publisher: GEC-Marconi, Electronic Systems Division
Date: 1996
Issue: ESD/068.08.96
Pages: 2
Copies: 1
Location: Filing Cabinet XA [RAA Office]
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The data acquisition and recorder unit, type ESD1584, is unique in that it meets the full requirements of current CAA and FAA legislation within a single 1/2 ATR case. The unit is approved to the survivability and performance standards specified in air navigation order 1972, specification no.10, and FAR 37-150-TSO-C51a. Also the unit’s signal handling capacity is sufficient to meet the requirements of specification no.10 and FAR 121-343, with ten per cent spare capacity.


The ESD1584 can be supplied with a Flight Data Entry Panel (ESD1591) if there is a requirement for manual insertion of flight data.

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