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E80 Digitally Controlled AFCS

Technical Information

Catalogue No: D0743
Document Type: Brochures
Topic: Flight Control
Title: E80 Digitally Controlled AFCS
Company: Elliott Flight Automation
Division: Transport Aircraft Controls [TACD]
Platform(s): BAC 1-11 
Date: circa 1968
Pages: 10
Copies: 1
Location: RAA Office
Download Version: 2_E80_AFCS.pdf (6.76 MB)

The BAC Two-Eleven and BAC Three-Eleven were pair of proposals for British airliners that were produced by the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) during the late 1960s. The projects had emerged from design studies which had been aimed at competing first with the Boeing 727-200 and then with the proposed European Airbus.

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