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Flight Data Acqisition Unit (FDAU), ESD1954

Technical Information

Catalogue No: D0508
Document Type: Brochures
Topic: Data Storage
Title: Flight Data Acqisition Unit (FDAU), ESD1954
Company: GEC-Marconi Radar and Defence Systems
Division: Electronic Systems
Publisher: GEC-Marconi, Electronic Systems Division
Date: 1996
Issue: ESD/071.08.96
Pages: 2
Copies: 1
Location: Unknown
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The ESD1954 series Flight Data Acquisition Units (FDAU) have been developed from earlier systems and embody all of the previous experience in this field. The ESD1954 fulfils all of the requirements for a 32 parameter Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and provides ample expansion capability for additional maintenance monitoring.

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