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ISIS D-101 System - Weapon Aiming for Tactical Aircraft

Technical Information

Catalogue No: D0272
Document Type: Brochures
Topic: Gunsight
Title: ISIS D-101 System - Weapon Aiming for Tactical Aircraft
Company: Ferranti
Division: Electronic Systems
Publisher: T & A Constable Ltd
Platform(s): A-4 Skyhawk 
Date: Jan 1976
Issue: ES/ESD/lSIS D.101
Pages: 6
Copies: 1
Location: Filing Cabinet XA [RAA Office]
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This system is a development of 30 years’ experience in the production of lightweight lead computing weapon aiming systems.
The ISIS D.101 is a lead computing optical gyroscopic weapon aiming system configured primarily for installation in the McDonnell Douglas A4 Skyhawk. The system is designed to utilise the sensors on modern tactical aircraft such as roll, pitch, altitude, air speed, Doppler ground speed and drift, and can be easily integrated with radar or laser rangefinders.

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