Company Booklet Document Archive

Many of the documents produced for publicity purposes contain a substantial number of pages and they may be for training, to describe a particular Division and its operation or describing a range of Company products. Another area incorporated in this category are documents produced for Award Ceremonies such as the many Queen's Awards the Company has won over the years.
Title Cat No Topic Year
Imagine... D0099 Corporate/Business 1999
Into 1984 D0103 Corporate/Business 1983
Into '85 D0104 Corporate/Business 1985
Facts about Marconi Avionics - Organised to Innovate D0105 Corporate/Business 1981
GEC Review of Activities 1982 D0106 Corporate/Business 1982
GEC is Working D0107 Corporate/Business 1982
GEC Review of Operations 1984 D0108 Corporate/Business 1984
Review of Activities 1981 D0109 Corporate/Business 1981
GEC Review of Operations 1983 D0110 Corporate/Business 1983
Into 1983 D0111 Corporate/Business 1982
GEC Report & Accounts 1988 D0112 Corporate/Business 1988
Marconi Avionics D0191 Personal/Personnel 1979
Careers for Graduates in Automation with The Elliott-Automation Group D0143 Personal/Personnel 1963
Getting into Avionics D0144 Personal/Personnel 1983
Rochester Employee's Environmental Awareness Brief D0146 Personal/Personnel 2001
GEC '79 Britain's Largest Private Employer D0149 Corporate/Business 1979
Enter Your Future D0150 Personal/Personnel 1990
You and Avionics - Formula for Success D0151 Personal/Personnel TBD
Projecting Your Future D0152 Personal/Personnel TBD
GEC Avionics D0153 Corporate/Business 1986
A Bright New Future for GEC D0154 Corporate/Business Jan 1999
GEC Avionics. We control the future D0155 Corporate/Business Oct 1991
GEC Summary Financial Statement 1999 D0156 Corporate/Business 1999
Marconi Avionics Organisation D0157 Corporate/Business 1999
Platform Solutions Sector D0158 Corporate/Business 2005
Sales Directory & Product Guide D0160 Corporate/Business 1990
Sales Directory & Product Guide D0161 Corporate/Business 1987
Company Strategy 2006 - Delivering Real Advantage D0175 Corporate/Business Apr 2006
Careers in Platform Solutions at Rochester D0177 Personal/Personnel Jul 2007
Employee Business Plan 2003 D0084 Corporate/Business 2003
Getting to our Rochester Establishments D0190 Sites/Facilities 1979
It's not what you've got... D0193 Corporate/Business 2008
It's not what you've got.. D0192 Corporate/Business TBD
Welcome to BAE SYSTEMS Rochester D0195 Sites/Facilities 2006
Welcome to BAE SYSTEMS Avionics Limited Rochester D0196 Sites/Facilities 2001
Cashless Payment System Users' Guide D0208 Personal/Personnel TBD
Elliott Apprenticeships and Training Courses D0203 Personal/Personnel TBD
Elliott-Automation - First In Automation D0198 Corporate/Business 1966
Company Strategy 2008 - Driving Global Growth D0199 Corporate/Business 2008
Sales Directory & Product Guide D0212 Corporate/Business 1985
Sales Directory & Product Guide - 1983-84 D0213 Corporate/Business 1983
Graduate Opportunities at Platform Solutions - Rochester D0216 Personal/Personnel Oct 2008
Engineering D0217 Personal/Personnel Sep 2007
Rochester Site Open Day, 25 July 2009 D0220 Personal/Personnel Jul 2009
Rochester Carol Service D0221 Personal/Personnel 10 Dec 2007
Employee Charter D0222 Personal/Personnel Jul 1996
The New Restaurant & Visitors' Centre, Rochester D0223 Personal/Personnel 1998
Ethics and you D0224 Personal/Personnel Oct 2005
A Security Aide-Memoire D0225 Personal/Personnel Jan 2004
Mechanical Engineering D0227 Personal/Personnel TBD
Hardware Engineering D0228 Personal/Personnel TBD
Conditions of Service - Monthly Paid Employees D0229 Personal/Personnel Feb 1980
Training - the way to performance in modern industry D0230 Personal/Personnel 1987
GEC-Marconi - Defence Electronics D0234 Corporate/Business 1988
LifeStyle - Local Savers Directory D0237 Personal/Personnel 2000
Long Service Event 2011 D0246 Personal/Personnel Nov 2011
Flight Automation Research Laboratory - Annual Report 1988 D0250 Research 1988
Swift - The Factory of Tomorrow, Today! D0200 Corporate/Business TBD
Avionic Systems - Operational Framework D0214 Corporate/Business 2002
Airborne Display Division Engineering Department Induction Manual D0205 Divisional Oct 1989
Business Plan - 2008 D0188 Corporate/Business 2008
Sales Directory and Product Guide - 1982 D0211 Corporate/Business 1982
GEC Avionics BP Kent Club - Section Secretaries D0277 Personal/Personnel TBD
ISD - Instrument Systems Division - Open Day D0236 Divisional 07 Oct 1987
Platform Solutions at Rochester D0215 Corporate/Business Apr 2008
Systems Engineering D0279 Personal/Personnel 2007
Head-Up Display (HUD) D0283 Personal/Personnel TBD
Advanced Apprenticeships D0226 Personal/Personnel TBD
The Next Generation is Yours - Graduate Opportunities D0287 Personal/Personnel 2006
Perform first; Focus on end user; Think bigger; Be bold D0207 Corporate/Business 2008
Flight Automation Research Laboratory, Annual Report, 1989 D0231 Research 1989
Ferranti International - in outline D0249 Corporate/Business Apr 1989
GEC '81 - Another Year of Success D0278 Corporate/Business 1981
Flight Automation Research Laboratory - Annual Report 1986 D0290 Research 1986
Airborne Display Division Induction Manual D0206 Divisional 1985
Avionic Systems Leadership Conference 2006 D0197 Corporate/Business 2006
GEC Long Service Association (Rochester) Booklet D0302 Personal/Personnel TBD
Helicopter Air Data System (HADS) D0522 Air Data 1997
Marconi-Elliott Avionics Systems Ltd (MEASL) D0566 Sites/Facilities circa 1970