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Historic Papers

Technical Information

Catalogue No: D0765
Document Type: Drawings
Topic: Systems
Title: Historic Papers
Company: Not applicable
Date: circa 1944
Pages: 1
Copies: 1
Location: Filing Cabinet XE [RAA Office]

Examples of Blueprints: some as early as 1944.
Long Service Association: menu and report from Lewisham 1936
Helmet Display Historic: Improvements in Sighting Devices for Guns 1900
The Hemet Integrated System of Albert Bacon Pratt 1916 USA
SPIE: Application of computer-generated holography to HUDs 1994
Nominations for SPIE Denis Gabor Award
VC-10 Proving Flights 1964: list of personnel and photographs
Company History 1 & 2: papers, articles and photographs
History of HUDs: papers, articles and photographs
Instrument History: Luftwaffe Altimeter
Elliott Collection: collection of company made objects initiated by Leon Bagrit
Rochester Airport: maps and articles
History of Rochester Airport Books: 1979, 1992 and 2009 editions
Test Equipment: ATE Night Work log book, ASW Foundation Course, Autotestare 701,
3rd Nimrod ATE delivery, SCORE Test Equipment
Eastchurch Sheppey: History of Eastchurch Air Station 1909-1926 (2 copies), Wings for Victory Week Souvenir pamphlet
Technical Papers: Transport Association of America first meeting August 1967, Washington.
Ground and Flight Testing on the FWB Jaguar, Wide Angle Raster Head-Up Display Design and Application to Future Single Seat Fighters. Creed and Company Limited History. the Type 664 HUD Weapon Aiming System. The Real Story of Concorde Flight 4590. Glossary of HMD Terms. Cost-conscious weapon-aiming. A Vision of Displays of the Future and Capability of the human visual system by Darrel G Hopper. F-14/A6 Low Profile HUD by Kaiser.
Technical Drawings: Ferranti MLU HUD, ADV Tornado trainer front cockpit layout, ADV Tornado trainer rear cockpit layout, IDS Tornado trainer front cockpit layout, IDS Tornado trainer rear cockpit layout.
List of Harrier, Nimrod and Tornado products supported by Avionics.
Various Parts and Data Lists.
Bell Helicopter Model 209-AH-1W drawing.
Group of technical drawings for Project 546 Video Signals Unit - Mono Hud.
F-20 Tigershark data
F-4E data
People: biographical notes on Sir Leon Bagrit, Sir Michael Beetham, Bill Alexander, Jack Pateman CBE, Stafford Ellis, Ron Howard, Peter Hearne, Brian Tucker, John Shepherd, Dick Collinson, H E Wimperis, Peter Twiss. The Helmet Integrated System of Albert Bacon Pratt (1916).
Stafford Ellis: his patents and letters from his wife.

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