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Title Cat No Topic Year
The Development of Reliability in Airborne Electronic Equipment with Reference to VC10 Automatic Landing System D0643 Flight Control 12 Dec 1961
Progress in the use of automatic flight controls in safety critical applications. D0644 Flight Control Oct 1980
Planning for super safety: the Fail-Safe dimension D0645 Flight Control 27 Jun 2000
Breaking through the 10.6 Barrier. D0646 Flight Control Aug 1992
V/STOL in Civil Aviation. D0647 Flight Control 1970
Meeting the Requirements for Equipment from European Sources. D0648 Aircraft, manned 25 Feb 1976
The Influence of Avionic Equipment on Aircraft Timekeeping D0649 Flight Control May 1972
Avionics Reliability: Design and Practice D0650 Flight Control 11 Feb 1972
The use of Redundancy in Aircraft Flying Control systems D0651 Flight Control 14 Feb 1964
Digital Data Processing in Automatic Flight control Systems D0652 Flight Control Nov 1970
Aiding The Coachman. 1975 Cayley Memorial Lecture D0653 Flight Control 1975
A consideration of equipment reliability requirements for automatic landing systems. D0655 Flight Control 02 Jun 1960
Automatic Landing and the Auto-Control System for the Vickers-Armstrong (aircraft) Ltd VC10 D0656 Flight Control Sep 1960
Flight control systems for VTOL transport aircraft D0659 Flight Control 1963
Autocontrol of jet and fan lift VTOL D0660 Flight Control Feb 1963
Concepts of Redundancy for All-Weather Landing D0661 Flight Control Apr 1963
The Practical Design and Testing of the Automatic Monitoring System in the VC10 D0662 Flight Control Sep 1963
The use of redundancy in aircraft flying control systems D0664 Flight Control 14 Feb 1964
Automatic Controls for VSTOL Aircraft D0665 Flight Control 07 Jul 1964
Automatic flight controls in fixed wing aircraft. The first 100 years. D0667 Flight Control 18 Oct 1972
Cost effectiveness of systems D0668 Systems 06 Feb 1975
Those magnificent men and their flight controls D0669 Flight Control Mar 1975
Safety assessment of aircraft systems and future problems. D0670 Systems Dec 1982
History of Concorde from personal experience D0673 Aircraft, manned May 2004
The needs for management skills D0674 Corporate / Business 21 May 1984
Procurement and Project Management D0676 Corporate / Business 25 Oct 1986
Aircraft Stability and Control-The Wright Brothers to the Boeing 777 D0679 Flight Control 14 Feb 2006
The achievement of Reliability in V.T.O.L. Automatic Control Systems D0684 Flight Control 19 Jul 1963
The achievement of reliability in VTOL automatic control systems D0708 Flight Control 19 Jul 1963
Progress in the use of automatic flight controls in safety critical applications. D0763 Flight Control 29 May 1980
Some Special Relationships D0777 Historic 12 Dec 1991